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Section 1

Basic Licensing Requirements

1.1 Required Forms

All forms can be obtained from the DMV online at www.dmv.ca.gov, or directly from the Occupational Licensing Division at DMV headquarters in Sacramento. The standard application forms include the following:
  1. Original Application for Occupational License - Part A (Form OL21A)
  2. Application for Occupational License - Part B (Form OL29)
  3. Application for Original Occupational License - Part C (Form OL12)
  4. Surety Bond of Dealer or Lessor/Retailer & Certificate of Appointment (Form OL25)
  5. Authorization to Release Financial Information (Form OL53)
  6. Application for Vehicle Dealer's License (Form OL902)
  7. Live Scan Fingerprint Forms (Form DMV8016). Instructions for submitting photos of intended dealership location
  8. Application Checklist (Form OL248B)

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