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Section 11

Vehicle Licensing and Registration

11.11 Dealer Bundle Listing

  1. The FO 247 Forms
    The DMV provides dealers Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247) forms for listing registration applications submitted to the DMV. This provides dealers and the DMV a means of tracking multiple applications. Dealers may process up to 5 applications at any one time without listing them on the FO 247 using the appointment system at your local DMV office.
    The FO 247 forms can be found at http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/reg/fo247.htm
  2. Duplicate and Triplicate - Receipts
    The FO 247 must be submitted in duplicate, but can be prepared in triplicate if the dealer would like a receipt. DMV keeps the original and returns the duplicate after the applications have been processed. DMV prefers a separate check for each transmittal.
  3. No Scrunching!
    When filling out the FO 247, you may use two lines, if necessary, instead of scrunching all of the information onto one line. Accuracy, neatness, and clarity are vital on these forms.
  4. “Posting Fees”
    You can also note on the FO 247 when you are just posting fees for a particular vehicle.
  5. “Credit” or “Refund”
    Check “credit” or “refund” (of excess fees) on the F) 247 so the DMV knows whether to credit any excess amount paid or to refund you the excess. Note that this applies to the entire bundle. Also, make sure than if DMV refunds the excess fees that you, in turn, refund those excess fees to the buyer that paid them in the first place.
  6. For Pick Up or Mailing
    When submitting the FO 247, indicate if the completed work is to be picked up in person or mailed to the dealership. Plates, reg. cards and stickers will be mailed to the registered owner directly from Sacramento unless otherwise specified in the application.
  7. DMV Processing
    When DMV receives the bundles they will
    1. enter the date received;
    2. verify the number of applications received; and
    3. assign a “bundle number” so that it can be tracked.
  8. Administrative Service Fees (“ASF”)
    After DMV has processed and cashiered the application a copy of the transmittal and any returned (RDF) items are returned to the dealer. Any ASF information will appear on the transmittal.

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