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Section 11

Vehicle Licensing and Registration

11.3 No Highlighting Pens

  1. Do not use highlighting pens on any registration forms being submitted to the DMV. Your application will not be processed, and it will be returned.

Other Transfer Requirements

  1. Transferee (Dealer) must mail or deliver to DMV the endorsed certificate of ownership (except in out-of-state sale situations) along with:
    1. The proper transfer fee;
    2. An application for transfer of registration. [V.C. §5600]
    3. An odometer mileage statement must be provided by the transferor or person in physical possession of the vehicle [V.C. §5900]. On a complying title, the buyer must handprint his/her name and sign acknowledging the odometer mileage being reported. On a non-complying title, enter the odometer reading on the REG 262 form. See also the section on Odometers later in this book.
    4. Smog certificate (or electronic transfer) [V.C. §4000.1]
    5. Report of Sale - Used vehicle form for filing by dealer with DMV
    6. Other supporting documents - where applicable.
      1. Vehicle/Vessel Transfer Form, Reg. 262.
        1. Contains power of attorney, odometer disclosure, and bill of sale
  2. Note: The Dealer must also remit the sales and use taxes to the Board of Equalization.

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