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Section 11

Vehicle Licensing and Registration

11.7 Out-of-State Deliveries

  1. When the buyer is not from California, and will not be registering the vehicle in California, California registration fees are not due if one of the following procedures are used:
    1. The vehicle is transferred to the out-of-state buyer via a One-Trip Permit from DMV (Cost: $16.00). [V.C. § 9258]. See "One Trip Permits" later in this course. Note: Using a One Trip Permit avoids registration fees, but not sales tax!
      1. A One Trip Permit may be issued by the DMV for operating any of the following vehicles, except a crane:
        1. A vehicle while being moved or operated unladen for one continuous trip from a place within this state to another place either within or without this state or from a place without this state to a place within this state.
        2. A vehicle while being moved or operated for one round trip to be completed within 60 days from one place to another for the purpose of participating as a vehicular float or display in a lawful parade or exhibition, provided that the total round trip does not exceed 100 miles.
        The department may issue a quantity of permits under this subsection in booklet form upon payment of the proper fee for each permit contained in said booklet. Each permit shall be valid for only one vehicle and for only one continuous trip. Such permit shall be posted upon the windshield or other prominent place upon a vehicle and shall identify the vehicle to which it is affixed. When so affixed, such permit shall serve in lieu of California registration. [V.C. 4003]
    2. The vehicle is registered out of state before delivery.
    3. The vehicle is transported by truck (certified common carrier is required) to the buyer in another state.
    4. The dealer transports the vehicle across the California state line and there delivers it to the buyer. This act of delivery must be witnessed by a notary in the state where the vehicle is delivered. Retain the notarized document for you files.

  2. When processing a vehicle that is being sold for registration outside of California:
    1. Complete the Report of Sale-Used Vehicle, (REG 51) and mark it "For registration in another state."
    2. Complete Statement of Facts (REG 256) explaining how vehicle was moved.
    3. Note: The buyer must transport the vehicle (by truck) or move it on a One Trip Permit (REG 402) unless registration in the buyer's home state is obtained prior to movement of the vehicle. Dealer plates cannot be used to move the vehicle. (Section 2.050, DMV Dealer Handbook, June, 2001). However, dealer plates may be used to deliver a vehicle when title does not pass to the purchaser until after delivery. (Section 18.030, of the June, 2001 DMV Dealer Handbook)
    4. Send all copies of the REG 51, except the book copy, to:

      Incoming Mail, M/S A235
      P.O. Box 944292
      Sacramento, CA 94244-2920

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