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Section 13

Stolen Vehicle Prevention

13.3 Notice/Temporary Identification

  1. The temporary operating copy of the notice of sale section must be attached for display on the vehicle immediately upon the sale of the vehicle. [V.C. §4456]
  2. The temporary operating copy is to be displayed within a seven inch square in the lower right hand corner of the windshield. [V.C. §§11715(e)(2), and 26708 (b)(3)]
  3. For a motorcycle, the temporary operating copy must be displayed in a conspicuous manner upon the vehicle. [V.C. §11715(e)(1)]

13.3.1 Other DMV Registration and Miscellaneous Forms

  1. For registration related forms, go to:
  2. For other general DMV forms, go to:
  3. Forms that cannot be obtained over the Internet (such as “secure forms”, like the Reg 262) can be obtained from the DMV at the following address:

    Forms and Accountable Items Section MS G202
    P.O. Box 932382
    Sacramento, CA 94232-3820

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