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Section 15

Vehicle History Disclosure

15.4 Vehicle History

  1. Former taxicabs, rental vehicles, publicly owned vehicles, previous law enforcement vehicles such as police cars, insurance salvage vehicles and revived salvage vehicles shall be clearly identified as such if the previous status is known to the seller. Dealers must also notify buyers, pursuant to AB 1215 and the NMVTIS rules found in Section 1 of this course, of vehicles with branded titles. [C.C.R. §260.02]
  2. "Salvage" Note: A salvage certificate must be applied for where the person who is responsible for paying for the damages (usually the insurance company) determines the vehicle costs more to repair than what it will be worth repaired, regardless of whether the insurance company takes possession of the vehicle, or it is retained by the registered owner. [V.C. 544]. The fee for issuing a salvage certificate is $18.00. [V.C. 11515].
  3. You must disclose the above histories prior to, or at the time of sale - no later. [V.C. §11515]
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