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Section 2

Main and Branch Location Requirements

2.2 Office

  1. Both wholesale and retail dealers must have an office at their established place of business to engage in dealership activities.  V.C. 11713(f )
  2. The construction of the office of the principal place of business and each branch location must not be temporary, transitory or mobile in nature. [C.C.R. 270]
    1. Exception: A trailer coach office is okay if not part of inventory and not subject to sale. [C.C.R. 270]
  3. An office in a home or residential unit is okay if approved by the zoning dept., and if the office is on the ground floor, with a direct entrance from the outside.
  4. The office must be occupied continuously or at regular periods.   A sign with your regular office hours on it that can be seen from outside will work.
  5. Practically speaking, a functioning office includes, but is not limited to, a desk or table, filing cabinet, and phone (cell phone is okay).
  6. The books and records of the business must be kept at the office of the established place of business for four years. [V.C. 320]].  The Report of Sale forms may be inspected at anytime during your regular business hours by a DMV Inspector.

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