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Section 2

Main and Branch Location Requirements

2.3 Display Area

  1. A retail dealer must have an established place of business which has an office and display area situated on the same property. [C.C.R. 270]

  2. Size: The display area shall be of sufficient size to physically accommodate vehicles of a type for which the dealership is licensed to sell. [C.C.R. 270.08] Space for two vehicles is normally considered sufficient by the DMV Inspectors to meet this standard, but one space can be sufficient as well.. The display area may be indoor or outdoor, and can have any type of surface, grass, gravel, dirt, asphalt, etc.

  3. Exclusivity: The display area must be clearly for the exclusive use of the dealer for display purposes only, and must meet the signing requirements as identified in CVC 11709 (a), as discussed below in the Sign Requirements section. [C.C.R. 270.08] This means only vehicles that are currently for sale may be parked in your display area.
  4. Additional display areas: Additional display areas are permitted within a 1,000 foot radius of the principal place of business or branch location w/out separate licensing. [C.C.R. 270.08]

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