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Section 21


21.0 Advertising defined:

  1. "Advertising" refers to a statement, representation, act or announcement intentionally communicated to the public generally for the purpose of arousing a desire to buy or patronize. It can be communicated by any means whatever, whether orally, in writing or otherwise.
  2. Ads are not contracts! – Misprints:
    If you place an ad with a newspaper for a $10,000.00 car, but the newspaper misprints the ad and it appears in the paper as $1,000.00, you do not have to sell the car for $1,000.00. Advertising law requires that your message be "intentionally communicated to the public generally." A misprinted ad is an un- intentional communication. In addition, a binding contract offer must be made to a specific buyer, unlike advertising offers which are made to the public generally.
  3. False or Misleading Advertising:
    False or misleading advertising is prohibited.

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