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Section 22

Special Plates

22.3 Impermissible Uses

  1. Dealer plates cannot be used on a work or service vehicle owned by the dealer [V.C. §11715] "A work or service vehicle" includes tow cars, parts delivery vehicles, pickup vehicles, and vehicles loaned to service customers. Dealer service vehicles must be licensed and registered to the dealership.
  2. Dealer plates can be used to deliver a vehicle when title does not pass to the purchaser until after delivery. [Handbook of Registration Procedures §18.030]
  3. Dealer plates cannot be used after delivery of a vehicle.
  4. Dealer plates can only be used for expressly permitted purposes. If it is not allowed in writing, it is not allowed.

Misuse of Plates

  1. A dealer shall not knowingly or negligently permit any illegal use of special plates. Such illegal use may result in suspension or revocation of the dealer's license. [V.C. §§11705 and 11713]
  2. Illegal Uses:
    1. Knowingly permitting the use of the plate by one not entitled to it. [V.C. §4461]
    2. Allowing a renter or lessee of a vehicle to use the plates unless the renter or lessee is a licensed salesperson. [V.C. §11715(d)]
    3. Allowing a family member to use plate unless the dealer is in the vehicle or the family member lives at the dealer's residence and is on their way to pick up or drop off the dealer.
    4. Allowing an employee to use plate for personal use.
  3. No person shall be in possession of a special plate not lawfully issued and obtained under the Vehicle Code. [V.C. §4462(c)]

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