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Section 23

Unlawful Dealer Activities

23.8 Failure to Pay ASF

  1. An Administrative Service Fee (ASF) is a penalty assessed by the DMV for a dealer's failure to comply with specified Vehicle Code sections (Example: failure to properly or timely file reports of sale documentation with the DMV). [V.C. §§4456 and 4456.1]
  2. The DMV may suspend or revoke a dealer's license for failure to pay an administrative service fee. [V.C. §11705(a)(8)]

Taking Deposits Without Vehicle Present

  1. A dealer may not accept a purchase deposit unless the vehicle is present at the premises of the dealer or available to the dealer directly from the manufacturer or distributor of the vehicle at the time the dealer accepts the deposit. Purchase deposits accepted by an auto broker when brokering a retail sale shall be governed by V.C. Sections 11736 and 11737.

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