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Section 25

Continuing Education Requirements / Recent Changes

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25.7 Bill of Rights Kit

There are a minimum of eight different forms you need to have on hand comply with the Bill of Rights.  They are listed below. You may download samples of these forms by clicking here on the Bill of Rights Forms link. These samples were created in Microsoft Word.  You may modify and update them as you wish, and as the law requires.  As mentioned above, we are providing these forms at no cost as a complimentary service to our dealers.  
  • The 2 day cooling off period sign to post at your dealership.
  • Contract Cancellation Agreement
  • Financial Products & Services Disclosure
  • Certified Used Vehicle Checklist
  • Notice to Vehicle Credit Applicant
  •  Delivery Inspection Report
  •  Vehicle Return Inspection Report
  •  Vehicle Return Rejection Form  
All forms must be continually reviewed by the dealer and/or your attorneys before use to insure compliance with the most recent rules and changes.  The Bill of Rights rules are not difficult, but they must be followed.  These simple forms will help you document your compliance and avoid problems with the DMV, your customers, and the civil and criminal courts.

You may also find our additional publications helpful to you, and your sales people, in learning and complying with the Bill of Rights.  These publications are again provided at no cost as a complimentary service to our dealers. 

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