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Section 26

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

26.14 Title Errors and Corrections

  1. The Title and/or Registration Card must be submitted to DMV to correct most errors. Vehicle verification is required to substantiate the error.
    1. Exceptions: The title and verification are not required to correct:
      1. The license plate or sticker number
      2. The motive power
      3. The address of the registered or legal owner
  2. You must file a Statement of Error or Erasure (REG 101) if any error erasure, line out, or whiteout appears on the Title. To obtain a REG 101 click here: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/reg/reg101.htm
  3. The REG 101 must be completed by the person who made the error.
  4. Note: An error statement cannot be used for odometer errors, or odometer acknowledgement errors.
  5. Odometer disclosures:
    1. When the error is made in the odometer disclosure section of a title, the Vehicle/Vessel Transfer Form (REG 262) must be used for the odometer disclosure and a Statement of Fact (REG 256) explaining the reason for the separate disclosure form must be submitted with the application.

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