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Section 26

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

26.5 Customer Demands Title

  1. When a buyer demands title for a vehicle purchased free of liens:
    1. Complete the REG 51.
    2. Enter the Report of Sale number on the back of the title.
    3. Give the buyer the title, any supporting documents, and smog certificate, if appropriate.
    4. The buyer must complete a Statement of Facts (REG 256) stating the reason for demanding the title, and confirming receipt of the title and transfer documents.
      1. Example: “I demanded and receive the Title for the vehicle because the vehicle will be altered before being registered, or I want to do the transfer myself.”
    5. If the vehicle is currently registered, place the operating copy of the REG 51 in the vehicle as usual. Send in the application copy of the REG 51, along with the REG 256, to the DMV.
    6. If the vehicle is not currently registered, the vehicle must be transported (on a truck) or moved on a One Trip Permit. Write “moved on Trip Permit #____” or “delivered on dealer plates” on the operating copy of the REG 51.
    7. Note: Dealers may use dealer plates to deliver the vehicle if the sale is consummated after delivery of the vehicle. Section 2.060, DMV Dealer Handbook, June, 2001.
    8. Mail the application copy and the operating copy with the buyer’s REG 256 to DMV at the address shown on the REG 51.

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