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Section 3

Off-Site Vehicle Displays

3.1 Exception - Off Site Display Permits can be obtained for Fairs, Expositions, or Similar Exhibits

  1. A dealer may display vehicles at a fair, exposition, or similar exhibit if:
    1. No sales are offered, attempted, or otherwise transacted (no deposits or trade-ins either) at the location.
    2. The display does not exceed 30 days.
    3. The location is open to all dealers without discrimination as to type, make, year or manufacturer.
    4. The vehicles display signs providing the dealer's name and address in letters three inches high or higher, and provide the statement: "No sales permitted, or deposits accepted at this location". [V.C. §11709 and C.C.R. §270.08]
    5. Applications can be picked up at the DMV.
  2. Fees: There is no fee.

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