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Section 4

Temporary Branch Locations

Temporary Branch Locations are locations, other than the dealer's licensed dealership location, where vehicles are sold. The most common form of these sales are "tent sales" held in large parking lots. To have one of these sales, a dealer must obtain a Temporary Branch Location Permit. The rules for these sales are set forth below.

  1. Temporary Branch Locations are for selling vehicles at an off-site location, not just displaying them.
  2. At a Temporary Branch Location, vehicles may be displayed, sales solicited and sales transactions concluded.
  3. A Temporary Branch Location may be operated for a time period not to exceed 30 days.
  4. Fees: $70.00.
  5. Application forms, entitled “Application for Temporary Branch Location, ” OL 73, can be downloaded at http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/ol/ol73.htm, or can be obtained through your local DMV Inspector.
    Make sure to get the OL-73D, June, 2006, version of the form. The old versions will not be accepted
  6. A copy of the lease/rental agreement or a copy of the event promoter’s contract must be submitted with the application. Also, a Property Use Verification for Vehicle Dealer License, OL 902, may also be required. That can be downloaded at http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/ol/ol902.htm
  7. The dealer must display a sign with the name and address of the dealership at the temporary location, and include the dealer's name and address on the Contract Cancellation Agreement.
  8. The dealer must display the complete 8 X 10 inch Car Buyer's Bill of Rights "THERE IS NO COOLING-OFF PERIOD UNLESS YOU OBTAIN A CONTRACT CANCELLATION OPTION" notice: at the location.
  9. The dealer must also offer the minimum requirements set forth in the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights.
  10. photo of sales tent
  11. The dealer must maintain the sales location until the latest possible date and time a buyer may return a vehicle if they purchased a two day Cancellation Agreement. The dealer must continue to display signs and have staff available during that time to receive a vehicle if it is returned.

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