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Section 5

Auto Brokers

5.8 Auto Broker Advertising

  1. An auto broker may advertise his or her service of arranging or negotiating the purchase of a new motor vehicle from a franchised new motor vehicle dealer and may specify the line-makes and models of those new vehicles. Auto brokers may not advertise the price or payment terms of any vehicle and shall disclose that the advertiser is an auto broker or auto buying service. The broker must also clearly and conspicuously state the following: "All new cars arranged for sale are subject to price and availability from the selling franchised new car dealer." If the ad is printed, this statement shall be printed in not less than 10-point bold type size and shall be separated from the other portions of the printed advertisement. However, brokering ads that measure two column inches or less do not have to include this statement. Also, radio advertisements that are less than 11 seconds that do not reference specific line-makes or models of motor vehicles do not have to include the statement either. V.C. 11712(b)(1-3).

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