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Section 9

Truth in Lending

9.4 Foreign Language Contracts

  1. Where deals are negotiated in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, or Vietnamese, language contracts must be provided to the buyer. [C.C. §1632]
  2. You must display a notice in each language that you do contacts in stating that a contract translation is required to be provided to the customer.
  3. If the customer used an interpreter, the interpreter must be able to fluently speak both English and the language being translated, must be over 18 years old, cannot be an employee of the business offering the contract, and cannot be a person whose service is made available by the business negotiating the contract.
  4. For deals in Spanish, make sure to also have your Buyer’s Guide in Spanish for the buyer to sign.

Dealer Carried Contract

  1. Dealers must comply with C.C. §2981 et. seq. (requirements for conditional sales contracts), Federal Regulation Z, and all other provisions of the Vehicle Code, and Civil Code concerning conditional sales contracts. See Truth in Lending section above.

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