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1972 Winkelmann WDF-3


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This WDF-3 has finished in the top 5 at all events during the last 3 years, including the SCCA Fall Vintage Classic at Laguna, which is one of the fastest vintage FF groups you’ll find anywhere in the country. 1:41 laps at Laguna, 1:50 at Sears/Infineon, on Dunlop treaded vintage tires.




This Windelmann is one of the very last of those built by Palliser Racing (UK) for Winkelmann that are Monoposto-legal for vintage FF1600 racing.

It is currently accepted by CSRG and HMSA, and of course SCCA. It could be run as Club Ford in SCCA, as it does have their required knee-roll-hoop, plus new AEFF rechargeable fire system and about 2 years left to go on Willans harness. The fuel cell is in excellent shape.

This car easily and comfortably fits up to a 6’-3” driver. The bodywork and paint are very good and very presentable, but not claimed to be perfect. Included is a spare nose in excellent shape, painted, fitted, ready to go.

It has Revolution 4-spoke alloys on it now, but comes with 2 full sets of Dunlop steel wheels in very nice condition. The present set of Dunlop tires is 1 year old, and the tires only have 2 events on them. There is a Coast Fab super-light stainless muffler for it, too, as well as a few extra gearsets for the Hewlandwhich could be thrown for the right price.

To the best of our knowledge, this car is 100% legal and correct to Monoposto rules, including points-and-condensor ignition (most cars have been illegally switched to solid state ignition), and steel-bodied shocks (many have double/triple adjustable aluminum-bodied shox). Rear shocks are externally-adjustable (single), fronts are not, but they work fine.

The engine is very strong Loyning’s, re-blocked with legal steel crank, new rods/pistons and cam, and fully rebuilt about 5-6 hours ago. It has the period-correct and Monoposto-legal cast iron head. Many of the Winkelmanns have been changed to a new aluminum Pierce head which is legal for SCCA, but not for Monoposto. The transmission is a Hewland Mk 8, re-cased and rebuilt by Taylor Race Engineering at same time.

During the past 2 years virtually all hardware on the car was replaced with new, correct AN, all new water hoses and clamps, many new rod ends, lots of fresh polished nickel plating after crack-checking suspension components, fresh drive donuts, complete new wiring harness including battery and battery cables, all brake lines replaced with new -3AN, all oil hoses period-correct BSP style (no Aeroquip ss braided stuff).

All 3 master cylinders were replaced with all genuine Girling cylinders 2 years ago, as was the exhaust header, built by Neil Porter Racing and Jet-Hot coated for protection.

It was very recently given a full alignment and corner-weighting. Setup developed over several solid test days at Sears and Laguna, and of course all setup data would go with car.

Chassis Number: WDF-3-23
Engine Number: N/A


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