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1971 Tecno TF71, Formula 2


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When the Tecno factory closed, everything that was left was sold off and this car was part of the job lot. It was completely assembled but had never been used. However, somewhere along the line the engine and gearbox were removed for use in something else.

The Tecno has been restored but needs an engine and gearbox to complete it. The car will be eligible for HTP & HSCC papers when fitted with the correct engine and gearbox, according to an official familiar with the car.

The chassis number is T00746, but is not listed in Bianchini's book, "Tecno La Storia". Bianchini admits, however, that his list is not necessarily complete, and since the car was never sold prior to the factory closing, it is reasonable that this car would not appear in Pederzani's records which Bianchini used to compile his chassis list.




The Tecno is equipped with Girling brakes, and Smiths gauges. The fuel tank is aluminum and will require new foam. The plumbing is restored and complete. Wiring will be completed to suit the engine configuration of the buyer. The shift lever and linkage is fitted, minus the tail section. All pedals are fitted and operable. A throttle cable required. The correct rear wheels can be supplied at additional cost. Spares include the original alloy fuel tank, 2 BBS wheels, a pair of front wishbones, a pair of drive shafts, and a nose section.

Chassis Number: T00746
Engine Number: N/A


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