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2003 Porsche GT3-RS - Ex-Racers Group/Monster Cable car


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Constructed for the The Racers Group and Monster Cable.
Built the season following The Racer's Group victory at Le Mans, and campaigned by the Racerís Group.
This is not a Porsche Cup Car, which is a modified street car (which has street car brakes, etc.)
This GT3 RS was built as a race car from the bare shell. It has a much stronger tub and cage than a Cup Car, and has a full race car braking system.
Lightweight engine
Lightweight cooling system
Lightweight charging system
Has the Porsche works GT3 RS components, including a reinforced lighter roll cage
Air jacks

Porsche Motorsport did the engine 18 hours ago (they typically have a 60 hour engine life). This engine should last longer because the rev limiter was dropped down 500 rpm. Porsche figures the engine is good for 100 hours or more at that limit.
All bodywork is kevlar or carbon fiber
Three sets of wheels
The car has the titanium flywheel , and lightweight clutch package
The trouble-prone original drive shafts were updated to Pankel drive shafts ($10,000 per set for the drive shafts)
Comes with passenger seat
2011 Rennsport participant
Originally in blue Monster Cable livery. Photos and old decals come with the car.
Repainted in Gulf livery

Spares include:
Pair of front fenders
Two front bumpers
One rear bumper
Fender lips, rub strips
Muffled and open exhaust. The muffled system was built specifically by Porsche Motorsport to be used at Thunderhill.
On board Motec Data System
Since the car was purchased from The Racers Group, the car has also had the following:
New Shocks
New bearings
New suspension bushings

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