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1978 March 78B Formula Atlantic


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This is the ex-Cliff Hansen March, chassis 78/B#4. Most recently the car has been raced to victory by four time Grand Prix Motorcycle World Champion Eddie Lawson.

This is probably the finest and most developed March Formula Atlantic available anywhere.




The engine is a legal Jay Ivey engine with one race on it. That race was the 2014 HMSA race at Laguna Seca, which the car won. Weeks later the car raced at the Monterey Reunion, but was withdrawn from the event due gearbox problems. The gearbox was subsequently replaced with a completely new Hewland FT-200. The gears and ancillaries from the former gearbox are included with the car. The engine showed 225 bhp on Ivey’s dyno when installed. Further changes to the exhaust and carburetors yielded and additional 12 hp on a rolling road dyno.

The tub is a new, 2013, Mac Bahner tub with the original chassis tag. There have been no incidents with the car.

Also included with the March are a spare set of wheels, a data logger, and radio contact.
This car is on-the-button and ready to go.

You can buy a Formula Atlantic car for less, but you will have more (often times far more) in it in both time and money by the time you get it to the standard of this car. We have owned and raced several Formula Atlantic cars and have learned this lesson more than once.

It is our experience that it is far better to buy a car that someone else has already spent all the time and money on to get right. Nearly $200,000 has been spent on this car to get it just right. Unlike other well prepared vintage race cars, this March was prepared by a pro team for a pro driver, not a weekend gentleman vintage racer. Eddie Lawson has won multiple World Championships on two wheels and won many races around the world on four wheels. He knows not only how to drive fast, but how to properly set up a car, or a bike, to win at the highest levels. This car comes with all that quality built into it. It also, uniquely, comes with Eddie Lawson history.

So yes, you can buy a Formula Atlantic for less. However, none of us are getting any younger, and who wants to argue over restoration bills that are always too expensive, and restorations that are long past original deadlines? You can race this car now at the front of any historic Formula Atlantic grid anywhere. It's value, also, has nowhere to go but up from here.

Chassis Number: 04
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