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1969 Surtees TS5 Formula 5000, all original.


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The TS5 was the first of the successful Surtees Formula 5000 cars. The TS5 was initially designed by the Leda racing car company, but was later completed and developed by John Surtees. As such it became the Surtees TS5.

The TS5 ran without wings, with high wings, and later with low wings. Scooter Patrick ran a TS5 for James Garner's American International Racing Team. David Hobbs - soon to be Formula 5000 champion, began his successful Formula 5000 career in a TS5, capturing race wins with his TS5.

The original racing history on this particular TS5 offered for sale has not been researched at this time.




This Surtees TS5 is powered by a newly freshened, dry sump, 305 Chevy small block. The engine has Kinsler timed fuel injection, Carrillo rods, a billet crankshaft, a roller cam, and porcupine heads. The power is transmitted through a Hewland LG 500 transaxle with a Tilton clutch.

The TS5 was recently stripped to the bare tub for painting and plating. All suspension members have been freshly nickel plated. This very original car is presently ready for assembly, or can be purchased fully assembled and running.

Those interested in the car during the weekend of the Wine Country Classic Automobile Races are invited to stop by the InvestCar International garage at Sears Point and view a videotape of the James Garner/Scooter Patrick Surtees TS5 in action during the 1969 U.S. Formula 5000 series. Please see Art Hebert, driver of the 1961 Cooper T-56 Formula Junior, number 79 to view the videotape.

Chassis Number: 04
Engine Number: N/A


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