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1971 Caldwell D9B Formula Ford. See at Cross Flow Championship Race, Oct. 6th, Sonoma


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Known history for the past 20 years. Earlier history is thus far unresearched.




Four years ago the Caldwell received a complete, frame-up rebuild.

The engine currently has two race weekends on it. It is a Ron Chuck prepared engine with Ivey crank, forged pistons, Elgin cam, etc.

The Hewland gearbox was gone through September, 2017. It has new dog rings and a new clutch. New shift linkage was also installed, complete with all new joints.

The radiator was re-cored in 2016, and never overheats. A new oil cooler, and lines, were installed as well, along with a new oil pump. The brake/clutch masters/slaves are all fresh, and all lines have been replaced. The calipers have been rebuilt as well.

A new steering rack was installed along with new upper front links, heim joints, and wheel bearings. New half shafts were also installed. The Caldwell also received a new set of new Panasports in 2016.

The Caldwell is perfect for someone wanting to jump in a car and race in one of the current vintage Formula Ford Championships. It is strong, reliable, and well prepared. This car also runs at the front part of the grid, and that with a 200 lb. driver!

The Caldwell is also affordable. Where else can you buy an historic, open wheel, racing car with national and international championships for under $25,000.00? You may find an Historic Formula Ford somewhere for a little less, but you will probably have considerably more invested in it by the time you bring it to this level of performance. This is a car you can enjoy right now.

Lastly, this Caldwell’s is very user friendly. It is also very accommodating if you are bigger than your average F1 driver. So if you have been sitting on the fence because you were concerned you might not fit in a Formula Ford, we encourage you to try this one on for size. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Chassis Number: D.9.B - 71050075
Engine Number:


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