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Bob Hebert and the 1967 Lightweight E-Type


Bob Hebert has been racing sports cars and formula cars for nearly 40 years. He won his very first race, and the next two after that, driving a Lotus 51 Formula Ford. His talent was quickly recognized and soon he became a Lotus factory team driver, racing Formula B cars in the early 1970's. After taking time off to manage his business operations, and spend time with his young family, Bob returned to vintage racing in the 1980's. Again he was winning immediately, first in Formula Junior, then in big bore production cars. His driving ability, plus his ability to set up cars and work with race team engineers, landed him multiple rides in the 24 Hours of Daytona, including one with the French, Viper Racing Team. Bob has amassed more than 100 victories behind the wheel of many different types of racing cars. That experience, and the knowledge gained from those successes, can provide both the new, and longtime racer, valuable tools to improve both the driver and the car. The results are immediate, significant, lasting, and cost a small fraction of what you might othewise spend to try and make your car faster.

"You probably learned the basics of driving a car around the age of 15. You've been through a high performance driving program. If you have been driving for any length of time, you have probably reached a plateau, finishing each race in roughly the same position as the race before. I am not going to teach you how to drive, but I will coach you. Yes, I can tell you how to enter a corner better, how to brake so that you can exit a corner faster, and I will. But I will also teach you how to assess what is going on as you circle the track. Once you learn the basics on your home track, you can apply that thinking to each track you drive. These are the tools you can take with you, permanent solutions to correct natural driving errors"

Bob winning again ahead of much more powerful competition

If you would like to talk to Bob about improving your driving, and improving your car without spending a lot of money, please call him at 413-528-4011. He would be happy to discuss where you are in your racing, what your goals are, and some concrete ways about how to achieve them now.


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