December 19th, 2019

As we approach the end of the year, here are some recent highlights from our student feedback!

“Great Course, Used MANY Times!”
-John Linn (Continuing Education Student, 12/2019)

“Excellent course. Don’t change a thing.”
-John Manfred (Continuing Education Student, 12/2019)

“I’ve used your education program for many years now. It’s very good and informative. Thank you!”
-Zachary Secor (Continuing Education Student, 12/2019)

“I have you used you guys for the past several years and I’m very content. Thanks!”
-Rick Marrari (Continuing Education Student, 12/2019)

“The best cont education program available!”
-Martin Khadjenouri (Continuing Education Student, 11/2019)

“The course was helpful…Thank you for making it so user friendly.”
-Al Asher and Sons, Inc. (Continuing Education Student, 11/2019)

Our Continuing Education course to renew your dealer license is available online 24/7.
Our Pre-Licensing 2019 calendar has wrapped up as of today, we’ll be back with our regular full schedule in January! Register to reserve your seat!

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