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Follow along with Motorsports Market Vintage Racing Team member Kevin Capone and his 1988 Chevron B67 Formula Continental (Formula Ford 2000) as he journeys back into Vintage Racing. Event posts run from newest to oldest.

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5) November 2021

Willow Springs International Raceway 11/6 & 7, 2021

Art, Caitlin and Kevin’s son Colin were all able to come out and crew for Kevin’s last race of the season, where he ran a new PR!

4) July 2021

Buttonwillow Raceway 7/10 & 11, 2021

Kevin attended the University of VARA [2022 Dates Now Posted – Jan 22-23] High Performance Driving School! 

[Photos @caliphotovideo]

“The University of VARA is a driver school to obtain your competition license. It is the starting point for anyone looking to get into racing either as a hobby or a profession. There are other schools available in different areas of the country, and the University of VARA is the one we decided to choose because of location and expense. The weekend involves both classroom and on-track sessions that increase in speed and responsibility as you progress in your learning and knowledge, racing adventure and getting your rookie license. Classroom and track time, back and forth. It is a busy weekend. There are various groups defined based on car and driver experience so the learning is specialized per group due to different driver skills and car performance.

You are scrutinized every lap and then given suggestions and direction on how to improve, plus learn the aspects of driving a car fast. Learning the “racing line”, your braking zone, turn-in point, apex, and turn exit. You learn how to best apply the throttle in different situations that vary per turn, per session, and per car. When and how hard to apply the brakes, what is understeer, what is oversteer, and how best to regulate each. You must learn the flags, what they mean, and what to do on track when certain flags are displayed, plus learn where all the course marshals are located. It is like being fed information with a fire hose and you have to drink it all in.

Throughout the day and weekend, you are given more freedom on the track depending on how the group is behaving. For our group, by the third session on the first day, we were allowed to pass at all passing zones defined for the weekend. We had to accomplish the pass by a certain mark for each zone, had to be safe. If not you would receive a black flag. Other groups had more limited passing zones until the instructors reach a comfort level within the group to open things up.

This particular driver event is normally held in January, the beginning of the year, and the start of the race season for VARA. However, due to the Pandemic, it was postponed and rescheduled for July 2021. Not the ideal time to be driving on the track because of the potential heat. Well, mother nature did not let up this July and the high temperatures for the weekend were 90+ degrees for the morning sessions, and over 115 degrees for the afternoon sessions.  It was extremely hot! All precautions were taken to limit heat exhaustion and everyone adhered to the hydration protocols in place. The VARA organization and Fire and Rescue teams were incredible and very promotive of keeping everyone cool. The volunteer instructors tried to make every accommodation and request especially during the heat of the day and for those of us without air conditioning in our cars. And the unsung heroes of any race weekend, the volunteer course workers had to endure the heat just like we did. My hat goes off to them. The weekend went off without a hitch, and many thanks to VARA for an incredible weekend, and to the fellow students for having a clean and fun event. I cannot wait to get back on the track and compete with these fine people. Thank you to all.” – Kevin


3) May 2021

Buttonwillow Raceway 5/15 & 16, 2021

Fastest laps in qualifying –  Sunday  1:53:9 / Saturday 1:58:8

2) March 2021

Willow Springs International Raceway 3/13 & 14, 2021 – VARA High Desert Challenge

Kevin ran his Formula Continental in the High Desert Challenge at Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR) March 13-14 on the Big Willow course. Last time he was on that track was 30 years ago for SCCA Drivers School! We ran 6 sessions over the race weekend with a practice, qualifying, and race each day. The car ran excellently, we could not have asked for better and Kevin was able to improve every session he went out, dropping his time about 10 seconds from Saturday morning to the last race on Sunday afternoon. Art and Gunnar of course got out on the track for a few runs as well. The weekend was all about continued improvement, getting comfortable in the car, and most importantly having fun. The next event for Kevin and the Chevron B67 will be May 15-16 at Buttonwillow Raceway.

1) December 2020

Kevin brings home the 1988 Chevron B67 Formula Continental, also known as a Formula Ford 2000. The car is 1 of 5 produced and we have chassis #4.


About Kevin

Kevin has been a GIS Professional in the IT industry for the past 30 years and an auto enthusiast since childhood, having owned and restored several American and European sports cars. He grew up around the race track both on crew and driving in SCCA, IMSA and various other vintage racing events. He has performed ground up restorations on classic road cars and has raced both modern and vintage racing cars. Kevin is now concentrating his efforts on Motorsports Market race car sales, and has joined our marketing team both on and off the track – representing our car listings domestically and abroad, as well as racing his 1988 Chevron B67 Formula Continental. In his spare time he and his family volunteer as Puppy Raisers and Group Leaders of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

And in case you were wondering…no he is not related, although it makes for good conversation.