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Section 11

Vehicle Licensing and Registration

11.1 Types of California Title

11.1.1 Non-complying

  1. Non-complying titles are older California titles ("pink slips" and pre-1994 "rainbow" titles). These titles do not have the federally mandated section for disclosure of the odometer mileage and signature lines for the seller and buyer to acknowledge the odometer reading. If the title is not available at the time of sale, use the Reg. 262 form to acknowledge the odometer reading.

11.1.2 Complying

  1. Complying ("Rainbow") titles contain the federally mandated odometer disclosure section along with signatures lines for the seller and buyer to acknowledge the odometer reading. [V.C. §4451]

11.1.3 New Complying Titles

  1. Starting in December, 2002, DMV began issuing new, tamper resistant, California titles and Salvage Certificates. Some of the tamper resistant features are as follows:
    1. "Void" appears on copies made of the title.
    2. Vehicle history ("branding") is displayed in red box in upper right hand corner.
    3. The Title and Salvage Certificates have a California bear watermark on the right side that can be seen when the document is held up to a light.
    4. Micro printed wording is located in the odometer sections to expose any attempts to erase the reported mileage.
    5. Reactive chemicals are incorporated into the documents to expose attempts at chemical alterations.

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