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California Used Auto Dealer License Class
[CA DMV Certification #0005]

To get your car dealer license, Pre-Licensing is your first step.

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Motorsports Market has been offering our DMV-certified California Dealer Pre-Licensing class for over 20 years, helping thousands of students successfully obtain their dealer licenses. Our online classes fulfill the DMV’s dealer license educational requirements, prepare you to pass the DMV test, walk you through the entire license application process, explain the different license types and location requirements, dealer bonds and insurance, and show you how to complete transactions and operate as a successful dealer.


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A downloadable Course Book pdf which contains all of the material covered in the course and a Practice Exam pdf with all of your correct answers, yours to keep and study.

You can not fail, should you answer a quiz question incorrectly the course will direct you to where to find the right answer and allow you to resubmit your answer before moving on.

Once registered, you will be able to complete your course at your own pace, once a quiz is submitted it will be saved, you can exit your course and log back in to resume at any time.

Your Pre-Licensing certificate will be deposited with your selected shipping option within 24 business hours of course completion, you will receive a confirmation email when it’s on its way. After your certificate is sent, your course will close.

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The DMV requires you to pass two tests to get your dealer license. One you will take in our class, the other you will take at your local DMV Inspector’s office. The tests are very similar, and our course book is designed to highlight the most important subjects to study. Our classes fulfill the DMV’s licensing educational requirements. We explain the different types of licenses – wholesale, retail, auto brokering – which one is best for you, and how to buy and sell for profit at dealer auctions. We cover consignment sales, exporting, salvage and Lemon Law vehicles, using dealer plates, valuing vehicles, and much more.

Our classes are 100% guaranteed. If after certification you do not pass your exam with your DMV Inspector, you can re-take our class as many times as you like at no cost. We are committed to your success!

For one year after your first class, you are welcome to re-attend for a free refresher course. Returning students whose certificates have expired and need to re-certify can attend for $75.00. Previous students wishing to attend an additional refresher past their one year initial attendance mark can also attend for $75.00. You will need to notify us if you are attending under any of these 3 options.



Instructor and founder of Motorsports Market, Art Hebert, has been teaching dealer education for over 20 years, helping thousands of students obtain and retain their licenses.


Our comprehensive course book, which contains not only all of the course material but also information we know will be useful to you as an operating dealer, is included in the course and yours to keep, as well as your practice exam.


The Step-By-Step Guide PDF is an optional additional text, and a great resource to help expedite you in successfully completing each step in getting your license and starting your business. The Guide not only includes a copy of a successfully completed dealer license application, but also has invaluable notes directly from Art on the process as a whole, such as how to find a location that passes zoning in your area, starting your bond search, and more. The Step by Step Guide $45, please email to purchase your copy.


Art Hebert is the founder of Motorsports Market. As an attorney and a dealer himself, Art has decades of experience in the automotive industry.

As a consultant to AMCI, he worked with major automotive companies – including Mercedes, Lexus, GM, Maserati, Fiat and others – to introduce new models to the market. With J.D. Power & Associates, he trained manufacturers and their dealers to increase their customer satisfaction ratings. Art has raced successfully in the historic racing circuit for nearly two decades, racing the Jaguar factory racing team and capturing numerous national titles. Engaging and passionate, Art is known throughout the industry as a dynamic public speaker – a skill he brings to every class.

“I just wanted to let you know I took the DMV test yesterday and scored 98% on the first attempt. Your class was above and beyond my expectations. Your knowledge of the content is outstanding, probably the best there is. I also purchased your Dealer License Application Guide. I have already started to use this tool and it is invaluable. I don’t believe there is a better product available to guide someone through the application process. Thanks again!”

Darrin Stacey, Pre-Licensing Student

Online course book


To preview what you will learn about in our courses, check out our searchable online course book. There you will find an abbreviated version of our course book to review. It has a complete index of topics that you can click on to learn more about.

Dealer Auctions


This is a list of many of the significant Dealer Auctions in California. It includes not only addresses and contact information, but also what types of vehicles (salvage to highline), what manufacturers are represented at each auction, and when the vehicles will be auctioned. You can also register for these auctions on-line and bid on-line as well.

Dealer bonds


To shop for the best dealer bond rates, visit our dealer bond page for a list of bonding companies to choose from. If you are a bonding company that would like to be added to our page, would like to post your rates, and would like to provide links to your application forms for our students, please contact us at

Helpful links


We have assembled a list of resources and links to help you get started with your dealership, such as your main application forms, the California code book, contracts and more.

Steps to Becoming a Dealer


This valuable guide will show you, step-by-step, what you need to do to become a dealer. The first step, of course, is to take a DMV-certified class.

Frequently asked questions


Click here to see answers to the most frequently asked questions about the course and the dealer licensing process.

“I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I became an auto dealer today. I finally did it by following the steps you taught me in class. Today is an exciting day for me and I’m on my way to success in auto industry. I couldn’t have done it without you and your excellent course. Thank You!”

Frank Wu, Licensed Dealer