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Section 2

Main and Branch Location Requirements

2.5 Other Posting Requirements

  1. Every dealer shall have posted in a place conspicuous to the public the dealer’s regular business days and hours. These postings must be such that they can be read by a consumer from both inside and outside the dealership office. The accuracy and visibility of these postings are critical to enforcing your rights under the Customer’s Bill of Rights two day cooling off period. See the discussion about the two day cooling off period in Section 11, Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights.
  2. Every retail dealer offering vehicles for sale must post a notice not less than eight inches high and 10 inches wide, in a place conspicuous to the public that states the following:
  3. "The prospective purchaser of a vehicle may, at his or her own expense and with the approval of the dealer, have the vehicle inspected by an independent third party either on or off the premises."[V.C. 11709.1]

  4. A dealer must conspicuously display a notice, not less than eight inches high and 10 inches wide, in each sales office and sales cubicle where written terms of specific sales or lease transactions are discussed or executed with prospective purchasers or lessees, which states the following:


California law does not provide for a "cooling-off" or other cancellation period for vehicle lease or purchase contracts. Therefore, you cannot later cancel such a contract simply because you change your mind, decide the vehicle costs too much, or wish you had acquired a different vehicle. After you sign a motor vehicle purchase or lease contract, it may only be canceled with the agreement of the seller or lessor or for legal cause, such as fraud."

However, California law does require a seller to offer a 2-day contract cancellation option on used vehicles with a purchase price of less than $40,000, subject to certain statutory conditions. This contract cancellation option requirement does not apply to the sale of a motorcycle or an off-highway motor vehicle subject to identification under California law. See the vehicle contract cancellation option agreement for details.

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