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Section 23

Unlawful Dealer Activities

23.11 Employing Unlicensed Salespersons

  1. "Salesperson" includes those persons who attempt, for money or other value, to sell, buy, negotiate, an exchange of interest in a vehicle. "Salesperson" includes those who exercise managerial control over the dealership business, or supervises salespersons. "Salesperson" includes general managers, assistant general managers, sales managers, and those who negotiate the finance and security agreements. [V.C. §675]
  2. Unlawful Acts
    1. Acting as a salesperson without a license or temporary permit. [V.C. §11800]
    2. A dealer employing an unlicensed salesperson. [V.C. §11705(h)]
    3. Operating without the salesperson's license displayed on the premises. [V.C. §11705(h)]
    4. Failure to notify DMV by mail within 10 days of hiring or firing a salesperson. [V.C. §11705(h)]

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