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Section 25

Continuing Education Requirements / Recent Changes

25.5 Ordering Reports of Sale

Report of Sale and Dismantler Acquisition forms must be ordered by mailing a completed supply order form to the department’s Occupational Licensing (OL) Section in headquarters. OL technicians will no longer be able to take orders by telephone.

The following OL supply order forms are available on DMV’s website at www.dmv.ca.gov/vehindustry/ol/forms.htm:

  • OL395A—Vehicle Auction Wholesale Report of Sale, REG 398 Order Form
  • OL 395D—Dismantler Acquisition, REG 42 Order Form
  • OL395M—Application for Registration of Multiple New Vehicles, REG 397A Order Form
  • OL395N—New Report of Sale, REG 397 Order Form
  • OL395U—Used Report of Sale, REG 51 Order Form
  • OL395W—Wholesale
Only the new electronic version of these forms will be accepted. All previous versions must be recycled or destroyed.


To order Report of Sale and Dismantler Acquisition forms:
  1. Download and print the appropriate supply order form.
  2. Complete the form (incomplete forms will be returned to the requestor).
  3. The owner of record must sign the form.
  4. Mail to the address on the form.
Receipt of orders:

  • The forms are shipped via courier service from the DMV Supply Warehouse and will take six to eight weeks for delivery.  Make sure to order early!
  • The order will not be delivered unless someone is available to sign for and receive the shipment. The courier service will make three attempts to deliver before the shipment is returned to the supply warehouse.
Emergency Situations:

  • A six month supply of all crucial forms should be kept on hand to avert emergency situations.
  • Local Inspector Offices will only provide a minimal quantity of forms based on an emergency circumstance. A properly completed order form must be presented at the time the forms are requested.

25.5 .1 Revised Reports of Sale

The REG 51 was revised at the end of 2008 to include the statement: “Vehicles must have two license plates affixed (except motorcycle and trailers). If one or both license plates or the registration sticker is missing, refer to the Handbook of Registration Procedures, available at www.dmv.ca.gov for instructions on obtaining replacement license plates or registration sticker.” The direct link for the Handbook is Registration Procedures

The reason for the new forms is to reduce customer complaints by having dealers obtain replacement license plates and stickers for their customers. Continue to use any remaining prior version REG 51 forms that you have. New orders will be filled with the updated forms.

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