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1959 Peerless GT


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From The Peerless and Warwick Register:

" Produced in relatively small numbers during the late 1950's and early 1960's, these classic British production sportscars were a highly successful attempt at producing a credible racing car that could just as easily transport the whole family in comfort and style. This fact was underwritten by a breathtaking performance at Le Mans in 1958 where a lone 1991cc production car at the hands of Peter Jopp and Percy Crabb finished 16th (with a 1st in class win) in what was essentially a 3 litre race against the might of Aston, Jaguar and Ferrari."

To learn more about these amazing, rare, Englsih GT cars that can be circuit raced, hill climbed, and rallied, we encourage you to go at http://www.peerless-gt.co.uk/. There, on the home page you will also see a Petrolicious video featuring the exact car we have for sale, chassis #230 out of 235 built.

The early racing history of chassis #230 is thus far undocumented. It is believed to have been raced in Southern California in the early 1960ís. When the current owner acquired the car in 1991, it was a clapped out old race car that had been in storage in Southern California for years. The interior had been stripped out for racing, leaving only the driverís seat and a mounted fire extinguisher.

The Peerless was then completely restored to its proper period racing specification.
Thereafter, the car was actively campaigned at some of the premier U.S. vintage racing events, including multiple appearances at the Monterey Historics and Reunion, as well as the Sonoma Wine Country Classic.




The Peerless lightweight fiberglass body is mounted on a rectangular tube space frame. The car is powered by a two liter Triumph TR3 engine running through a four speed transmission. At the rear it has a Salisbury differential with half shafts, Ĺ elliptic leaf springs, and a De Dion tube. Front suspension is independent, double wishbone with coil springs. The brakes are Girling 11 inch discs at the front, and 10 inch drums at the rear. The pads are Porterfield R4.

The car was completely disassembled for restoration starting in 1991. The suspension was magnafluxed and rebuilt. The engine internals were also magnafluxed and rebuilt. The engine is currently operates at a 10:1 compression ratio.

This Peerless is a wonderful combination of being rare, yet easy and inexpensive to maintain. Itís rarity makes it a desirable entry for any premier vintage meeting. The modelís Le Mans winning history does not hurt either. The car also has a multitude of uses, including historic road racing, historic rallies, hill climbs, and even to get the groceries for dinner. Because of these factors, we think this Peerless is an amazing value at this price.

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