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1963 Authentic Lola Mk.5A Formula Junior, Project


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This is the ex-Team Comstock/John Cannon Formula Junior from 1963. Comstock, widely regarded as Canada’s first professional racing team, purchased the Lola for the 1963 season, along with two new Cobras for Ken Miles and Eppie Wietzes. Comstock also raced the King Cobras, and later a GT40 Ford with factory support.

Cannon, an up and coming racing star in Canada, won multiple races with the Lola, and we believe the Canadian Championship that year. He then went on to win the Formula 5000 Championship, as well as win in Can Am, and race sports cars worldwide.

At the end of 1963, the Lola was sold to a stock car driver, name Serge Tesolin. Tesolin had been successful at stock car racing in Canada and North America. However, he saw the light Lola Formula Junior as a perfect platform for building a mid-engine, Ford V8 powered, sprint car! We have newspaper articles showing the car in this configuration, and with winning results.

Many years later, in the early 2000’s, the Lola was discovered in Arizona. How it wound up there is still unknown. The only reason the car was thought to be a Lola racing car was the “Lola” badge that was still on the nose of the car. The car was still in its sprint car configuration, complete with removable nerf bars for the sides of the car. The original frame was surprisingly complete with most modifications added to the original frame, not cut into the frame, except for changes to the engine bay to fit the V8, and moving the seat and dash forward to accommodate the larger engine.




The photos show the car from when it was discovered in Arizona over a decade ago through to the present day with the silver bodywork on it. Since discovery, the roll bar has been removed, and the dash tacked back on the frame back in its original position.

The Lola comes with some of its original Formula Junior suspension pieces and gauges. The blue bodywork appears to be the original 1963 bodywork, but modified for the sprint car setup. The sale will also include the complete, original configuration, silver used Lola Mk.5A body. Also included will be other miscellaneous parts, such as the sprint car gas tank, a Mk.5A fuel cell, radiator, radiator shroud, etc.

Also included is a Hewland Mk.8 gearbox. This was not with the car when it was found, and has not been touched since the early 1970’s. We know nothing about its condition and recommend it be considered a core from which to build up a new box.

We have been racing another Lola Mk.5A Formula Junior for over ten years. These are among the very best Formula Juniors, both for speed, and ease of repair compared to the monocoque Lotus 27’s. Our car has won at every track it has been to, and we would expect the same for this car with a proper restoration. It is also an authentic Lola Mk.5A, that has already been examined by the FIA inspector.

We had intended to restore the car, along side our current car, but we have too much on our plates, and fear it may not happen for a long time. So we’ve decided to let the project go to someone with lots of enthusiasm, a healthy checkbook, and a desire to have one of the premier Formula Juniors with acceptance worldwide.

Please feel free to contact us and make an offer.

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