Sample Questions

Special Plates (Dealer Plates) may properly be used:

1. On a dealer’s work or service vehicle operated by the dealership on a regular basis
2. By a prospective (potential) customer for 50 days
3. By employees to do dealership-related work
4. By a family member of the dealer for personal use
(The answer is 3)

Which of the following is a correct statement?

1. A dealer must not lend a Special Plate, or their dealership license, to another person to engage in the purchase or sale of vehicles
2. A dealer must not employ unlicensed salespersons
3. A dealer must not pay “Bird Dog” fees (referral fees) to any unlicensed person to help the dealer buy or sell vehicles
4. All of the above
(The answer is 4)

A vehicle does not require a smog inspection when:

1. The vehicle was constructed during the 1990’s
2. The buyer does not want the inspection
3. The vehicle is sold to a dealer
4. Both A & C
(The answer is 3)

$80.00 is the maximum amount that can be charged for which of the following?

1. Smog test and certificate combined
2. Vehicle registration
3. Document Preparation Fee
4. Both A & C
(The answer is 3)

Which of the following is a required Safety Equipment item?

1. Padded dashboards
2. Smog Equipment
3. Door locks
4. Reclining seatbacks
(The answer is 2)

Advertisements must identify the dealer by which of the following?

1. The dealership name
2. Dealer license number
3. “dlr”
4. “Dealer”
(The answer is 1)

If a vehicle has been sold, any advertising for that vehicle must be removed within:

1. 12 hours
2. 48 hours
3. 36 hours
4. One week
(The answer is 2)

What must the dealer attach to every used vehicle offered for sale?

1. Federal Buyer’s Guide
2. Price Sheet, showing breakdown of costs, taxes and fees
3. 90-day guarantee form
4. None of the above
(The answer is 1)

A dealer must tell the buyer if a vehicle has which of the following histories?

1. It was a publicly owned vehicle
2. It was a rental car
3. It was a taxi cab
4. All of the above
(The answer is 4)