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Reviews and Testimonials

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the sale of the Camaro Z28. It’s not easy to sell a car based in Europe. You were always so reactive, professional, problem solving. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you on this and I’m very happy with the final outcome. If I once pass close by your garage be sure I will stop to say hello. So again, a big thank you!” — Words of appreciation from our client on the complicated sale of an ultra-rare 1967 pre-production Z/28 Camaro Trans Am race car, (one of just 25 built), with car and parts scattered across two continents and several states. After decades in hibernation, look for this Z/28 Trans-Am Camaro back in action at the track in 2023.
“Art and the team at Motorsports Market went above and beyond to assist in the purchase of my F5000, being an international purchase USA to NZ sight unseen Art provided all the required information. Answered all my questions promptly and honestly, whilst securing the best deal possible.  I would have absolutely no hesitation purchasing through Art and the Team again.”
– James Mackinlay (race car market client, Forsgrini F5000)

“Hello Art möchte mich noch bei ihnen bedanken für diesen top deal ( super Fahrzeug ). Ohne ihre Unterstützung wäre diese Aktion nicht möglich gewesen. Werde sie bei allen meinen Kollegen weiterempfehlen. Super Internetseite Viele Grüsse von West Germany( Bodensee)”
[I would like to thank you for this top deal (great vehicle). Without their support this action would not have been possible. Will recommend to all my colleagues. Great website Greetings from West Germany (Lake Constance)]
-Walter Müller (race car market client)

“Art, Thank you for providing a valuable session on acquiring a dealer license. Your presentation was phenomenal.”
-Ally Kaur (Live Webinar Pre-Licensing Student)

“Thanks for your wonderful class. Your teaching was very easy and clear for me to better understand explanations and the examples were amazing and easy to pick up.”
-Mohammad Safi (Live Webinar Pre-Licensing Student)

“Really enjoyed the class. You really made the experience informative, interesting and fun all at the same time and that was all due to your great teaching technique. I was expecting this to be the worst six hours ever but it turned out to be a great experience. Once again thank you.”
-Timothy Thomas (Live Webinar Pre-Licensing Student)

“Hello Ms. Burke, Thank you so much for the opportunity to take the class! As a person who currently has to take online classes I want to say Mr. Hebert did an amazing job, the time went by faster than I expected and all the information is very much appreciated. Please let him know I can’t thank him enough. and I sincerely appreciate your help with all arrangements in taking the class.”
-Valentin Acosta (Live Webinar Pre-Licensing Student)

“Awesome, thank you so much! The class was fun and you made it very interesting! Looks like the webinar will work excellent in the future as well.”
-Perlita Renteria (Live Webinar Pre-Licensing Student)

“Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing pre-licensing course that you offered. It seriously made the entire process a breeze, especially with the additional guide book. Took the class in mid-November and finally obtained my official dealer license last month!”
-Anonymous Pre-Licensing Student

“I just took your course today in Oakland, and felt that the instructor did an excellent job on the presentation and kept everyone’s attention.”
-Robert Dolan (Pre-Licensing Student)

“I took the Pre-Licensing training with your company yesterday and wanted to let you and Art know that I took the DMV Used Vehicle Dealer exam this morning and passed with a perfect score, 40 out of 40 […] This is a direct reflection of a well put together course of instruction, research, experience and current relevance of the subject matter. Also, all the recommended bonding, insurance and supporting dealer services you all provided are panning out perfectly […l the investment in time and course fees were well worth it and in retrospect, worth more.”
– Frank Medrano (Pre-Licensing Student)

“Hello, My name is David Duran. I took your course 2 weeks ago in Long Beach. Just wanted to follow up and let you guys know I took my exam today and passed. Only missed 3 questions. Thank you for the excellent service.”
– David Duran (Pre-Licensing Student)

“I wanted to thank Art for his pre licensing class. I passed my dealers exam in 12 mins! You guys are the best! Thank you.”
– Mansa Blaque (Pre-Licensing Student)

“Hi Caitlin, I completed the course last Friday and was able to successfully pass my DMV test on Monday. I wanted to thank Art very much as his class was very helpful and he did a great job presenting the material.”
– Michael Croom (Pre-Licensing Student)

“First, I wanted to let you know why I chose to take [Pre-Licensing] through  I went through numerous websites looking for a course that would not only teach me what the DMV requirements were but also provide a quality and professional program.  Your website detailed out exactly what I was looking for, even a money back guarantee. I just wanted to let you know after taking your class in Sacramento last week I took the DMV test yesterday and scored 98% on the first attempt[…]the class was above and beyond my expectations. Your knowledge of the content is outstanding, probably the best there is […] I also purchased your dealer license Application Guide.  I have already started to use this tool and it has shown to be invaluable.  I have started my application and find myself going to the book each page […]  I don’t believe there is a better product available to guide someone through the application process.”
– Darrin Stacey (Pre-Licensing Student)

“Hi Caitlin – Just wanted to thank you for coordinating the class, and getting me there.  It was an excellent class – Art was very informative, and entertaining.  […] His explanations of the details of dealer licensing were thorough and presented in a way that ensures we will remember.  Thank you so much for your efforts here, and thank you to Art for an excellent class.”
– Mona Viney (Pre-Licensing Student)

“Wow! Art is quite a guy! I am completely blessed following attendance in his class. I received so much more than the paid and required material presented. I was excited to attend but am subsequently overjoyed by the prospect of becoming a dealer and the virtually limitless possibilities as described by Art. […]The information he shared “is what it is” but his personal testimony, interests, passion, and genuine spirit inspired me. And it certainly helps to know he owns a ’65 Mustang: we are kindred spirits! By and by, I am fortunate to have selected Motorsports Market for training (I scored a 95% on the test!). Having a connection with Art is far more valuable than the registration investment. I thank you, Caitlin, for your help in the process and look forward to circling back with an email stating I have acquired my dealer’s license.”
– S. Jackson (Pre-Licensing Student)

“Art, I wanted to thank you and commend you on a very educating and well taught course. Your passion, knowledge and experience for the industry is unparalleled.
It’s so refreshing to meet people as energetic as you!  My son and I passed our state test today and we are glad we chose your school!
It’s absolutely no surprise why you’re so successful!
Best wishes and continued success!”
– Lance Benedict (Pre-Licensing Student)

“I’ve used you guys every time for my renewal class. Thanks for making it easy and sending out the reminder.”
-Anthony Ettari (Continuing Education Student)

“I have taken your dealer license renewal course for many years now. Very easy to use. Thanks! See you in 2 years!”
-Michael Matinez (Continuing Education Student)

“Excellent course, easy to take and very informative.”
-Michael Gaukroger (Continuing Education Student)

“Great and friendly course for renewal, definitely recommended.”
-Henry Castanaza (Continuing Education Student)

“Our office has used your services before and we continue to use your program because it is simple to read and we understand the material. Thank you.”
-Sylvia Sanchez (Continuing Education Student)

“Great website and course as always, see you in two years!”
-James Lee (Continuing Education Student)

“Exceptional course, I have been your client for over 20 years.”
-Piardip Johal (Continuing Education Student)

“Very informative. Keep up the good work. Thank you for making this process simple.”
-Brad Cormier (Continuing Education Student)

“I take this course every two years come renewal time and I always learn a few new things.”
-Ed Lauber (Continuing Education Student)

“Great job. Thanks for the post card reminder”
-James Leonard Faulknor (Continuing Education Student)

“I took the initial class 2 years ago, this course provided all the links I was looking for. Nothing to improve.”
-Tynetta LaRena Greene (Continuing Education Student)

“I have always used your services for dealer license renewal . Fast, easy, accurate and informative.”
-Dustin Miller (Continuing Education Student)

“Great course, always a good review and catch up on recently added DMV regulations and consumer protection laws.”
-Jack Hunt III (Continuing Education Student)

“I’ve been using you guys for 8 years now, everything is perfect, so is the contact response time.”
-Varoujan Guluzian (Continuing Education Student)

“Great course very informative, used your course in the past. Keep up the good work.”
-Joseph Tesoro (Continuing Education Student)

“Been with you since 2011 after taking course in Orange County. Thanks for still being here for us.”
-Carl Pettit (Continuing Education Student)

“I always take your course to renew. I appreciate your timeliness, and the ease your company affords me. Thank you!”
-Sergio Cafaro (Continuing Education Student)

“I’ve taken course in the past, always informative, and a good source to stay in compliance with DMV. Thanks for your material.”
-Vincent Parker (Continuing Education Student)

“I have used your service for license renewal in the past. I will use some of your links to DMV forms. I think the course is excellent and do not see any need to improve. It is informative and educational. Thank you!”
-Linda Swarzman (Continuing Education Student)

“Thanks for making it quick and painless.”
-Ali Gabrielli (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you. This was painless.”
-Mark Allen (Continuing Education Student)

“I am your customer for the last 19 years. The course is easy and simple as always!”
-Nizael Garcia Jr (Continuing Education Student)

“I have been working with you for a long time, since 1999, you are the best, thanks.”
-Abdolhamid Malekzadeh (Continuing Education Student)

“Every two years I have been taking this Continuing Education course with Motorsports Market, it’s very easy to finish the test.”
-Abdullah Eskandari (Continuing Education Student)

“Excellent course as always!”
-Martin Cohen (Continuing Education Student)

“Easy to use. Great site to navigate.”
-Modesta Ramos (Continuing Education Student)

“I have used course for many years! It is easy to use and has some humor in it to break up all the seriousness.”
-William Peery (Continuing Education Student)

“Very easy, I’ve renewed with your site every time!”
-Parminder Birak (Continuing Education Student)

“I’ve been using Motorsports since 2010, I’m happy with the ease and quick response of the course.”
-Jesus Renteria (Continuing Education Student)

“Very practical and direct with understandable terms and clear descriptive questions.”
-Rodolfo Perez (Continuing Education Student)

“Great work as always Art, keep it going man! Thanks for your continued efforts to keep us up to date in our craft.”
-Khawaja Siddiqi (Continuing Education Student)

“We use you all the time, you are very reliable.”
-Gary Stallworth (Continuing Education Student)

“I am a long time student of your courses. I have book marked all the links that you have provided. You are on point with your courses.”
-AJ Brown (Continuing Education Student)

“Great Course, Used MANY Times!”
-John Linn (Continuing Education Student)

“Excellent course. Don’t change a thing.”
-John Manfred (Continuing Education Student)

“I’ve used your education program for many years now. It’s very good and informative. Thank you!”
-Zachary Secor (Continuing Education Student)

“I have you used you guys for the past several years and I’m very content. Thanks!”
-Rick Marrari (Continuing Education Student)

“The best cont education program available!”
-Martin Khadjenouri (Continuing Education Student)

“The course was helpful…Thank you for making it so user friendly.”
-Al Asher and Sons, Inc. (Continuing Education Student)

“Excellent program, I’ve used MOTORSPORTS for years, they are very informative & professional.”
-James Begier (Continuing Education Student)

“I always finish with more knowledge then I came in to the course. Put me in better position moving forward. The process is friendly and easy steps to follow.”
-Itsak Negrin (Continuing Education Student)

“Been using your site for years! LOVE IT! Thank you as always.”
-Hamlet Barseghyan (Continuing Education Student)

“The most user friendly and comprehensive test, it explain[s] everything you need to know.”
-Morteza Dastgheib (Continuing Education Student)

“Second time using service, its fun and direct, will be back in two years!”
-Scott Rudy (Continuing Education Student)

“It was a great and easy way to take the test.”
-Alireza Yousefivand (Continuing Education Student)

“Best dealer education program! Thank you.”
-Leonid Streltsov (Continuing Education Student)

“Been using the course for many years I think you have it covered. Actually it is amazing and the new info was presented perfectly.”
-John Patterson (Continuing Education Student)

“I have used this course in the past and find it an excellent way to be reminded of many of the new laws and regulations.”
-Edward Kramer (Continuing Education Student)

“Great course, saved me a ton of time. Learned a lot.”
-Kurt Tanner (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you for the informative refresher course!”
-Lynette Blaisdell (Continuing Education Student)

“great system for testing I have used this company for many years…”
-David Stauffer (Continuing Education Student)

“Great service, I took the initial course with Art years ago and he still responds to my e-mails.”
-Graham Doorley (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you guys 3rd time I’ve used you guys!”
-Hugo Varela (Continuing Education Student)

“I have been using this class for several years. It is very educational and easy to use.”
-Andre Shahverdi (Continuing Education Student)

“This course was very informative.”
-Tarina Griffin (Continuing Education Student)

“Used you for many years, great course.”
-Gary Olito (Continuing Education Student)

“I have been a return customer for many years now. It is a great program. Thank you – Next Level Motors.”
-Ronald Fong (Continuing Education Student)

“Quick and painless.”
-Darrel Friesen (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you….the course is very efficient and is a good reminder of key business details.”
-Kelly Sue Tofolo (Continuing Education Student)

“Have used you before and have always been pleased with the results.”
-David Shoffner (Continuing Education Student)

“I like the format, testing after each segment is superior to other companies I have used. The vids are a nice break.”
-Douglas Haydon (Continuing Education Student)

“Great renewal course. Well laid out with the relevant and current information.”
-Wesley Moy (Continuing Education Student)

“Motorsports – always up to date content. Easy to ready. Interesting photos. The best in (the) market.”
-Sukhvir Singh Nagra (Continuing Education Student)

“I am a returning customer from previous years and I enjoy how simple the course is to grasp even though I have been a dealer for more than 30 years. The course refreshes my mind pleasantly. Thank you.”
-Karim Ben-Marzouk (Continuing Education Student)

“Best online course! Repeat customer every renewal!”
-Tarek Kader (Continuing Education Student)

“The new laws were easy to understand in this course.”
-Barbara Clark (Continuing Education Student)

“Repeat Customer of Motorsports Market. Enjoyed being brought back up to speed on the new laws[…]Thank you.
-Aristides Lezma (Continuing Education Student)

“I have been using your course for over 8 years and I have found your training course to be excellent and easy to understand and use. Thanks, Jack Chin”
-Jack Chin (Continuing Education Student)

“Convenient and easy way to complete the required course.”
-Michael Guerin (Continuing Education Student)

“I am a repeat student. I like your course [it] is very informative and easy to follow. Thank you.”
-Saturnino Carrillo (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you again for offering the CE for maintaining dealer licenses. I have used your course from day 1 and always find it enjoyable and painless.”
-Raymond Gin (Continuing Education Student)

“I have renewed my dealer license each time using your course, and I thank you for keeping it simple.”
-Ryan Forkum (Continuing Education Student)

“We’ve been using your company for many years. Great course!
-Fabrice Thomassin (Continuing Education Student)

“I heard about you through Martin R., he took your class live in 2011 and online ever since. Everything is clear, the course is excellent the way it is. I can’t think of any improvements. Thank You.”
– Jagdippal Deol (Continuing Education Student)

“I think your course is very informative and I always enjoy getting updated.”
-Orlan Bahner (Continuing Education Student)

“The course was awsome. A lot of good information. The best part was that I could stop any time. You guys / gals really understand a dealers life.”
-Scott Watterson (Continuing Education Student)

“I’ve taken your course every 2 years thank you for making it so easy.”
-Patricia Rios (Continuing Education Student)

“Repeat Customer, great course, everything covered well including new laws and regulations, very straight forward and simple.”
– Kristin Gustafsson (Continuing Education Student)

“I have been using your company for years to complete the Continuing Education requirement for Used Car Dealers. It’s easy to use, completely understandable and very up-to-date educational. Also, much more convenient than driving to a location for course. Honestly, cannot think of any improvements you could make to course. You keep up on all the laws and make taking the course fun and entertaining (which probably isn’t your main intent, but I, as a used car dealer for 35 years, like it). Thank you.”
– Dorene Olson (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you for separating the test by sections.”
-Kajal Vasandani (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you Art!  You’re company is Fabulous! “
– Giselle Jordan (Continuing Education Student)

“I have used your company before, and your system is excellent and the price is very reasonable.”
– Mohammad Sefidfard (Continuing Education Student)

“I have been using Motorsports [Market] for many years, very satisfied. Thanks.”
– Erick Gomez (Continuing Education Student)

“Returning customer. Great layout and fun content.”
– Victor Sou Nomura (Continuing Education Student)

“You make the process simple which is important as everyone is busy.”
“The course is a good price, easy to navigate, allows you to exit and return to where you left off”
“I have completed your course in the past and have referred it to other dealers. I find it easy to understand and use.”
“I selected this course because it is all on line with no back and forth mailing.”
“I received my original dealer license after taking one of your courses. This is the most time efficient way to re-new my license. I think you’ve done an excellent job with this course.”
– Anonymous Continuing Education Students

“Just wanted to express my opinion about your programs, you have created them over time to be the BEST any where.”
-Kegham Keremian (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you for your great course, and fast service.”
-George Ik Nazarian (Continuing Education Student)

“We used you for our initial dealership requirements and were really happy!”
-Dennis Cohen, Top Gear Auto Traders

“I have been a client of Art’s since 2010. I’ve taken the pre-licensing course and continuing education several times for several dealerships I have opened. His course info is always up to date, I always pass with flying colors and the way he teaches the class cannot be beat. I remember being a new dealer and emailing him a question or two on different situations that arose and always felt that he was an extension of my team. Caitlin is also a delight to work with. I highly recommend Motorsport Market all your dealer occupational licensing needs.”

“Thank you Art and Caitlin……will always recommend your company……very efficient and professional. A pleasure working with you.”
-Dave Barakat (Continuing Education Student)

“Thank you, Art and Caitlin, for your continued excellence.”
-Don Spencer (Continuing Education Student)

“I have used this course [continuing education] from day one and will continue in the years to come. Always recommend to others. The initial course with Art in Sacramento, CA and the “Continuing Education” at… Great products. Thank You.”
-Ronald Caretti (Pre Licensing & Continuing Education Student)

“I took the class with Arthur back in April of 2018 in San Jose area, I just recently got my dealer license, right before the dead line, but I couldn’t be happier, attending actions is an adrenaline rush and exciting. Now I have my wife asking me every week when are we going back! I was able to get killer deals on some vehicles and couldn’t be happier. Any way first I’d like to thank Arthur for giving such a complete and informative class, I was only successful in the difficult process of getting licensed because of his great teaching skills and specific class.”
-Donovan Garcia (Pre-Licensing Student)

“[I] took your dealer Lic. class and your certificate class 2x’s…you have it covered. Everything is here at your finger tips…GREAT JOB!!”
-Raymond Mahad (Pre-Licensing & Continuing Education Student)

“I’m 3rd time returning student. You are doing a great job. Thank you Art and staff.”
-Magid Yoosefi (Continuing Education Student)

“I took the Motorsports Market dealer course to get my license. Great course and great instructor, I’ll be a loyal customer.”
-Rhett Graff (Pre-Licensing & Continuing Education Student)

“I used you for my original course. I recommend you to everyone […] you have gone out of your way to help and make it easy. I LOVE the how to guide for dealing with the packet for the inspector. You guys are great.”
– Michael Runion (Continuing Education Student)

“Art, it was a pleasure to meet you and be in your class. Your presentation was amazing and your energy endless. Thank you for the great experience.”
– Don Chae (Pre-Licensing Student)

“Hi Caitlin, I passed my test on the first try yesterday.  Would you mind sending this to ‘Crazy Art’ and thanking him for the course.  Could not be happier….”
– Fredy Kadva (Pre-Licensing Student)

“I wanted to thank Art for his pre licensing class. I passed my dealers exam in 12 mins! You guys are the best! Thank you. 
-Mansa Blaque (Pre-Licensing Student)


A ‘how to’ guide written by our instructor that walks you through the license application process step-by-step, form-by-form, explaining in practical terms how to meet the DMV requirements. The guide also contains a copy of a complete dealer license application that the DMV has already approved, so you can see exactly what a successful application looks like. The guide is not required, but is available for purchase at our Pre-Licensing Classes.

“Hello Art! Man I wanted to thank you for the step by step “How To Manual”! That information is golden! I followed it to the letter and completed every task. I have my DMV inspector appointment soon!”
– Jesse L Bailey (review of the Step by Step Guide) (Pre-Licensing Student)

“[…] the  extra binder saved me A LOT of time with the seller’s permit application. It was worth it. I was about to go to the federal building, then I looked at the binder and realized I had a page-by-page walk through of the online registration process. Brilliant! Now that I have my office, I’m just waiting for my business license to arrive. Everything else should be a piece of cake.”
– Maurice Wright (review of the Step by Step Guide) (Pre-Licensing Student)