Dealer Bonds

Get Your California Auto Dealer Bond

Recommended Surety Companies That Provide Dealer Bonds

Below is a short list of bonding companies we recommend for the best rates and customer service. Mention Motorsports Market to get the best referral rates from any of these companies, they have a vested interest in taking good care of you so they can remain on this list.

Our number one recommendation is at the top, Mike at YourCarDealerBond. We have worked with him for a long time and he gets great reviews from our students and clients! Feel free to email him directly. Dealer Bonds and Dealer Plate Insurance
1657 E. Portland Ave, Fresno, CA 93720
Mike Ramos,

330 Tenant Ave, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
888-208-2224 Karl Schoech
1030 Calle Recodo, San Clemente, CA 92673