1948 Kurtis, Period road racer



Ex-Larry Denham car. Period SCCA winning history as Formula Libre at Riverside and Paramount Ranch, CA. Also period sprint car winning history. See photos of period articles. Monterey Historics participant and Rolex Award Winner.



1937 flathead Ford engine. Currently running a Harley Davidson sequential gearbox. Can be returned to original in/out box which comes with the car. Matching custom trailer included with the Kurtis.

This is the “West Coast version” of the Roger Ward/Lime Rock midget vs. the international sports cars story. Both these midgets beat some of the finest international road racing cars of the period. As such it can be raced in historic road races as well as historic midget racing.

For those who like to be the David that takes on the Goliath and wins, this is the car for you. It can also be had for a small fraction of the cost of its European road racing competitors.

The Kurtis is also a big crowd pleaser with fans in the paddock who find it hard to believe this mighty midget can compete with, and beat, the finest European competitors.