1953 Allard J2X



The Allard J2X model was constructed between 1952 and 1954. Only 83 were produced. The chassis was constructed using small diameter tubes with parallel sides. The standard de-Dion rear axle was located by a Panhard rod, and the brakes were by Alfin drums.

The Allard was powered by a variety of V-8 engines, including the potent Cadillac V-8. The V-8 engines were moved 7 inches further forward in the J2X chassis than they were in the earlier J2 model – a model which finished third at LeMans. Movement of the engine provided better balance and cockpit space for the J2X. The J2X model was also equipped with wire wheels.

This particular J2X was originally raced on the U.S. West Coast. In 1992, it was restored by Donovan Motorsports. Since that time it has been raced across the U.S., with multiple appearances at events such as the Monterey Historics, the Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival, the Brian Redman International Challenge, and many others. The Allard has also been shown at Concours d’Elegance events, and has garnered multiple first place trophies.


The Allard is powered by a 390 cubic inch, full competition, Cadillac engine with six Stromberg carburetors. It produces a potent 455 horsepower. The engine has only three races on it. The engine, and engine compartment, are highly detailed and polished. The Cadillac engine is mated to a Borg Warner competition T-10 transmission.

The Allard braking is by custom made aluminum brake drums for quality, performance, and safety. The car has a Salisbury differential, and heavy duty spindles up front. The suspension is lowered and de-cambered, with custom cut springs. The radiator is aluminum.

The J2X comes with a multitude of spares, including a second 390 Cadillac engine, a 331 Cadillac engine, brake drums, spindles, wheels, carburetors, radiators, etc.

This car is, frankly, spectacular. It truly must be seen to be appreciated. It is probably the finest, most powerful, Allard available anywhere. It draws a crowd at every vintage racing event, or car show, in which it is entered. The car is cleaned and detailed after each on-track session, and is continually maintained by Donovan Motorsports.

The Allard J2X cars were extremely successful and popular in SCCA racing in the early 1950’s. Today they are a rare, raucous, thunderously fast, and highly desirable entry for any vintage race meeting.

If you are looking for one of the finest examples of an early 1950’s sports racing car, this car merits full consideration. It has been restored, prepared, and maintained at the highest, no-expense-spared, levels. It cannot be duplicated for near its offered price.