1955 Cooper Bobtail



This is an ex-Cooper works school car with many performance modifications. It was brought to the U.S. in 1982 where it has been historic raced ever since. Its last race was the 2004 General Racing Ltd. races held on Coronado Island.


This is an original 1100 c.c. Coventry Climax car, as confirmed by John Cooper himself. John shipped the current, correct, engine to the owner in the early 1980’s. The engine was last rebuilt in 2003, and has had very little time since. The gearbox is a Hewland Mk. IV.

Modifications to this Bobtail include coil front springs instead of the original transverse leaf spring. They also include side-by-side seating, as used in the works cars raced at LeMans. The doors, plexiglass, and rear bodywork are all Monaco style. It rides on the later Bobtail drum brakes which are separate from the original Cooper magnesium wheels.

These cars are very quick, forgiving, and great fun to drive. Please contact us for pricing information.

Chassis Number: GP/1/55