1957 AC Aceca coupe



The car was originally sold to South America from the A.C. factory in the late 1950’s. It later made its way back to England, and into the hands of a gentleman named Adrian Hall – one of the foremost A.C. racers in England and in Europe.

In 1989, the Aceca was completely stripped to its bare frame and lightweight aluminum body panels. All components were gone through, rebuilt, and prepared to Hall’s high competition standards by his in-house race car mechanics. The car was then registered with the FIA, and made ready for Hall to compete in the Carrera Panamericana Road Race.

However, before the car was raced, it was purchased by its current owner. The car was then inspected and prepared by Hall & Fowler in England, before its first outing at the Copperstate 1000 in the U.S. The new owner ran the Aceca in the Copperstate 1000, completing an enjoyable and trouble-free event.

Although presently stored, the Aceca is continually run and kept fresh. It is currently ready for street use, vintage rallies, and/or vintage racing.


The Aceca is composed of a tube frame chassis covered by lightweight aluminum body panels. It is powered by a 145 h.p. two litre, six cylinder, Bristol engine with triple SU carburetors. The car also has a four speed overdrive transmission.

The Aceca has transverse leaf spring suspension, similar to the Shelby Cobra. It also has competition front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. It has been lightened throughout. The Aceca has plastic windows, aerodynamic body panels, a hood mounted debris deflector for endurance events, ram-air carburetor induction, as well as vented roofing for cooling and improved aerodynamics. The car also has a full roll cage for safety and frame stiffening.

This Aceca is one of only 84 produced. It is eligible for all groups of historic “A” racing, rivaling 356 Porsches and the Aston DB2/4. It is in excellent, and race-ready condition.

Chassis Number: BE603
Engine Number: 100D29907