1957 D-Type Jaguar-Tempero



This D-Type is a hand-built by Erol Tempero of New Zealand, creator of the Aston Martin DBR2 replica we sold (see the Aston on this website in the “Sold” section). The car is constructed just as the original, with central a monocoque and front subframe. Correct wooden bucks were created for the hand-made alloy panels. Construction pictures of the process can be seen on Erol’s son’s website, http://rodtempero.com/contact.html. The car is configured as a Right Hand Drive 1955 Jaguar D-Type.

The D-Type has approximately 275 bhp, from its DOHC inline six-cylinder Jaguar XK engine with three dual-choke Weber carburetors. It has a four-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel independent suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. It is finished in British Racing Green paint with a white roundel and racing number on the rear. It is equipped with Dunlop pegged alloy wheels with knock-offs. The car’s construction detail, craftsmanship and originality are exquisite. It is all aluminum alloy bodied, with a welded mild steel spaceframe, and aluminum alloy center monocoque section, just as on the original cars. A member of the original D-Type build team, who raced a factory D-Type in the day, has driven the Tempero D-Type and said that the handling and performance closely match the original D-Type.

The only changes from the original design are:
• Engine: 4.2 litre E-Type wet-sump but equipped with a Dry sum which can be made functional
• Suspension: Fully adjustable coil-over instead of torsion-bar
• Transmission: All synchro 4 speed


The car is in excellent condition, and available for immediate sale.

Chassis Number: 740170BW
Engine Number: 8L45241S