Barn Find – 1957 Devin Vintage Race Car

Sold, April, 2020


(History as researched and reported by a prior owner)

This 1957 Devin-VW 259 body is a one-off prototype car, being the first rear-engined Devin race car. This car was well documented in a 1957 Sports Car Illustrated, 3 part series from January to March titled “Body on a Beetle” written by Bob Behme. There is an extensive history with the car that is documented through original owners and witnesses the current owner has with the car. The car has a unique 259 body that differs than the later D bodies with a characteristic high rear haunch, that this 259 does not have.

You can find more detailed information and photos of the car at the following link, including copies of the original titles, the Sports Illustrated article, and original owner accounts of the car.

Where can you get a nicely documented, 1950’s Devin vintage race car for $6,000.00? In addition, VW engines are very inexpensive to get, build up, and run. You could also install a Porsche 356, or 912, engine and race the Devin in vintage events as a Devin-Porsche.

Lots of potential here. You could drive it on the street, race it, or take the Devin on historic rallies like the California Mille. This is a very rare, super inexpensive, barn find that your average backyard mechanic can afford, restore, and run. Great fun! Contact us, and go pick it up.

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