1957 Jaguar D-Type Replica



This D-Type replica has all correct Jaguar running gear and suspension. The engine is a 3.8 with side draft weber carburetors. The gearbox is from the V12 E-Type. The D-Type rides on correct Dunlop wheels.  The chassis is tubular steel, and the bodywork is fiberglass. The paint work is excellent, as is the upholstery and dash with correct gauges.

All of the major pieces of the car are present.  However, it will need such things as plumbing, ignition bits, etc. A set of lightweight brake calipers are also available at additional cost.  

The D-Type is available in its current condition at the offered price. It can also be completed and delivered to you in fully operational condition, at additional cost  to be determined.

 This is a wonderful opportunity to buy a beautiful D-Type at a very low price, with most of major pieces in place, and construction done. The final fettling will be up to you.