1958 MGA Roadster



The MGA was originally imported to Los Angeles. There it was purchased by Terry Scrivens, the first member of the Scrivens family to own the car. The car would remain with the Scrivens family for the next 60 years.

Terry would enjoy the open top MGA for many years before retiring it to storage in Bend, Oregon. Decades later he pulled the nearly rust free original car out and restored it back to running/driving condition. It was then that he handed the MGA down to his sons, Tyler and Tanner. In 2018, Tyler and Tanner sold the MGA to its next owners, also brothers, from the San Francisco Bay Area.  


The newest owner/brothers began a deep recommissioning of the MGA in April 2019. This included, but was not limited to, a complete overhaul of the suspension with new bushings, restored rear springs, new shocks from Apple Hydraulics, new fasteners, and a full cleaning and re-greasing of the bearings and kingpins (which are tight).  

The brakes were also overhauled including new drums, new wheel and master cylinders, new brake shoes and springs, and a new brake light switch. Steel-reinforced brake lines and a new clutch master were also installed.  

An entirely new fuel system with a new tank and fuel pump were installed. A new fuel level sending unit and an overhauled gas gauge were additionally installed. The engine, which has no engine plate on it, was left alone. It runs excellently with good power, no smoke, and no noises. Perhaps Terry replaced it as part of his initial overhaul of the car when it came out of storage. We just don’t know. A new exhaust system was installed, along with a partially new ignition system (coil, plug wires, ignition switch, battery). The car runs a single 12 v battery, converted to positive ground for easy starting and reliability.

As part of the MGA’s most recent recommissioning, the rear axle and transmission were disassembled, inspected, and reassembled with new gaskets, paint and new spring perches and fasteners. An extensive number of parts were replaced, including motor mounts, seat belts, all the badges that were missing or damaged, and new hood bump rubbers.   

The interior was re-upholstered by the Greving Brothers of San Rafael, and the seats were rebuilt with new wooden bases from Scarborough Faire.  A spare wheel was acquired and new tires fitted and a spare tire hold-down was improvised (more on this in a moment).  The wheels were powder coated and the entire body was color sanded and polished.  The paint is glossy and thick, but not concours.

All fluids were replaced. Final engine tuning and suspension alignment were performed by British Car Repair of San Rafael. They continue to perform regular service to date.

An interesting note: During the re-upholstery process, mounts for a racing roll bar were discovered. There was also evidence of repairs to the body where the roll bar was installed, including repairs to the holes for the roll bar and its brace. A steel plate for the roll bar brace remains where the spare tire bracket used to be located. During the reupholstery process the roll bar mounts were removed, restored, repainted, and reinstalled as a reminder of the car’s possible racing history. A sticker from an SCCA race at Cotati was also discovered on the underside of the original carpet near the roll bar mounts. The car’s potential early racing history has yet to be researched and uncovered.

A MotoLita Steering wheel is installed, but the original is included. Please see the photos of the parts that come with the MGA.

The MGA is not concours, but it is very nice. The right side of the front bumper is a little wonky, but could probably be straightened. The lower front valance is fiberglass, not the original steel with original fasteners. You cannot tell unless you crawl under the car.

Embarrassingly we are currently having trouble opening the boot, but should have that sorted out shortly.

The car does not come with a top. However the side curtains appear to be correct but need attaching brackets mounted.  

The MGA comes with some nice spares too. They include a complete brand new set of springs. These were purchase before the brothers discovered that the original springs were in great condition, offering a supple yet firm ride, but not overly harsh.  The original rear leaf springs were disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, reassembled and reinstalled. The fronts were also removed and checked during the front suspension rebush. So the new owner has great driving suspesion on the car now, and new springs down the road.

Spares also include, but are not limited to, a set of mirrors, two brand new gas caps, a rubber seal for the boot, a new seat bottom,  exhaust donuts, new leather hood tie down straps, the original MGA steering wheel, a full set of new brake shoes, new seat rails, and more.

The car is not a trailer queen, but is a great looking MGA with a paint that shines, a supple new interior, and chrome that quite literally sparkles. Importantly, it drives even better than it looks. Remarkably, it does not squeak or rattle, just smooth power, braking, steering, etc. As an added bonus, all of the original electrics work! The pneumatic turn signals, the brake lights, the headlights, the gauge lights, the courtesy interior light, all work, and more. 

If you want an iconic early English sports car that looks great, gets lots of attention both on the road and in the parking lot, and drives probably better than new (better tires, bushings, brake compounds, etc.) this MGA will be an excellent choice. After having driven it ourselves for the past couple of weeks ourselves, we highly recommend it.

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