1959 Dagrada Lancia Formula Junior



This is the first Dagrada Lancia Formula Junior constructed. In April, 1959, this Dagrada competed at the VII Grand Premio Bruno E. Fafi Vigorelli Formula Junior race at Monza. In May that same year, the car raced at the Coppa St. Amrbroeus at Monza as well as at the 6 Ore Esso Formula Junior race at Vallelunga. At present, the last known period race for the car is the June, 1959 II Coppa Junior race at Monza. The car’s best known finish in 1959 was a 7th place at Monza. The sister car to this Degrada Lancia was raced by up and coming, and future Ferrari F1 driver, Giancarlo Baghetti. Baghetti won with his Dagrada at Monza, and finished 5th in the Championship, just ahead of another future Ferrari F1 star, Lorenzo Bandini.

This Dagrada had a second career in vintage racing until a shunt in 2003 at Goodwood. It was purchased by Leo Schildkamp in 2004, and restored to a high degree over the next seven years. The restoration is documented in the published hard cover book, “Dagrada Formula Junior, Chassis 001” by Leo Schildkamp. A small, electronic, version of the book can be seen at: http://www.blurb.com/books/3446260-dagrada-formula-junior. Hard copies can be purchased, and a signed copy comes with the car. After restoration, Mr. Schildkamp vintage raced the car at Hockenheim. Thereafter the car was sold to the U.S.

During the Summer and Fall of 2014, the Dagrada Lancia, chassis 001, raced at Laguna Seca as well as at Sonoma Raceway (aka Sears Point). In addition to racing, the car also took first place honors in the Vintage Racing class at the prestigious 2014, Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance. The Dagrada was most recently raced at Laguna Seca in 2016, and is ready to go.


See the “Dagrada Formula Junior, Chassis 001” electronic book at http://www.blurb.com/books/3446260-dagrada-formula-junior for detailed specifications

Chassis Number: 001