1959 Huffaker BMC Mk. 1 Formula Junior.

Original Huffaker Prototype Mk.1. Rolex Monterey Winner.

Major price reduction, now just $45,000. Great Velocity FJ feature car.


The first BMC Formula Junior was designed and constructed by Joe Huffaker for Kjell Qvale of British Motor Cars LTD in San Francisco, California. The car was designated chassis number XP001. This is that car.

After early testing with Joe, Jack Flaherty, and Jack Dalton, Kjell Qvale decided to go ahead with plans to construct 25 production cars.

They continued testing with the prototype chassis at Vacaville Raceway, working on a variety of items which included shock, spring, and wheel changes.

In what became the last test session for XP001 at Vacaville, Jack Dalton drove the car through the infield and hit a buried post. This damaged the front frame section of the car.

The damaged XP001 was returned to the race department and wooden body forming “bucks” were attached to the wounded chassis. The car was then sent to Nadeau Bourgeault to build an aluminum body for the car. The aluminum body was handcrafted and then a mold was taken from the aluminum body to make production car fiberglass bodies.

The BMC factory supported the production run of the BMC Mk.1 Formula Juniors by supplying primary suspension components from the production Sprites. This was a departure from XP001 but was a good decision for production purposes as the factory offered to supply these parts.

Eventually, when Joe left BMC, Joe purchased all the equipment and parts inventory from the racing department, which included XP001. XP001 was set aside until restoration began in 2007.

The restoration of XP001 was carried out by Joe Sr. along with his son Joe, and grandson Joe. By mid-2008, the restoration was complete. The car was hurried to Laguna Seca for its first race in August, 2008, at the Monterey Historic Automobile Races. The 2008 edition of the event featured the 50th Anniversary of Formula Junior.

XP001 was driven by long time Huffaker friend, and accomplished driver, Dan Marvin. XP001 finished first overall, besting both the front engine and  the rear engine drum brake Formula Junior classes, and some of the best Formula Juniors in the world. Dan and XP001 won going away, by  over 20 seconds. Since 2008, XP001 has been campaigned in some 30 vintage races, with top finishes.

In 2018, XP001 underwent an overhaul by Huffaker Engineering, totaling more than $20,000.00 (receipts included) to return XP001 back to its original Huffaker race-winning standard. It has only raced a few hours since.

The Mk1 was purchased by its current owner in 2020. It was painted in a dark blue with yellow striping. Since then XP001 has raced approximately six times, all of them supported by Huffaker Motorsports. The car’s most recent race was the 2022 Rolex Monterey Reunion where it was the top front engine car finisher in one race, and second in the other. XP001 is currently ready to go.

XP001 comes with letters from Joe Huffaker Sr. authenticating the car and its history. The car also comes with many receipts, race records, and log books from SVRA and CSRG.


XP001 is powered by a Huffaker-built 1097 cc. BMC A-series engine with a side draft Weber DCOE carburetor producing 99 h.p. Receipts available. It has six races on it since. The engine is mated to a period BMC production car 4 speed, rib case, transmission with straight cut gears. Tires are Dunlop Racing 4.5” X 13” on the front, and 5.5” X 13” on the rear. All tires are mounted on Panasport aluminum wheels. XP001 also has 7” BMC drum brakes front and rear.

Several changes were made to XP001 by Joe Huffaker during restoration, mainly for safety reasons. They include:

Fuel Cell
Stronger wheels
Dual master cylinders
Dual trailing arms
Taller roll bar
Replacing the original aluminum body (long gone) with the production fiberglass body.

XP001 has proven itself the fastest front engined Formula Junior among some of the finest Formula Juniors worldwide. It also has a BMC driveline, not something exotic like a Stanguellini, or Osca drive train, so you can genuinely run it hard, and afford to maintain it.

Starting in 2026 will be the three year worldwide Formula Junior Platinum Jubilee Celebration Series run by the Historic Formula Junior Racing Association in the U.K. and shepherded in the U.S. by Formula Junior Historics North America. The past FJ anniversary events have been fabulous with large grids, attendance from all over the world, great dinners, parties, etc. The Formula Juniors will, no doubt, be featured again at the premier historic racing events worldwide. Now is a great time to get one and get sorted out with it so you are ready for prime time fun. 

This BMC Mk1 has already proven it is one of the top front engine disc brake cars in the world. You can race at the front, or very comfortably drive it further back, wherever you are most comfortable. A great car makes driving much easier, no matter where you are on the grid. 

We think XP001 is an iconic, proven, front runner, early front engine Formula Junior, and a real FJ bargain. 

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