1960 Kieft Formula Junior. Ex-David Prophet

Highly Competitive alloy bodied drum brake car. Monterey History.



Chassis #2. One of 5 produced.

Originally purchased and raced by future F1 driver David Prophet. Later campaigned by Fred Edwards.   

The Kieft was purchased by its current owner in December, 1989. The car was then restored from 1990 to 1995.

Thereafter the Kieft was successfully raced in U.S. historic races. The Kieft won the 2009 U.S. FJ/2 Championship. It was also the recipient of the coveted CSRG Jack McKee Award for excellence in restoration and preservation. The car’s most recent race was the 2017 Formula Junior feature race at the Monterey Reunion where the car continued to run at the top of its class. 

This Kieft FJ is well known by the Formula Junior Historic Racing Association. Older FIA documents will come with the car. 


Ford 109 1098cc

Engine built by PHP race engines, Wauconda, Ill. Cosworth rods, steel crank. Dry sump lubrication.

Rare Martin cast alloy rocker box

Gearbox: 318 as original with recent CR gear set. Set up by GMT Racing. Has fitted GMT finned high strength top cover and original pattern high strength rear cover 


The original frame was modified in period and restored to original specification in 1990 by Carriage & Motor works, Kansas City. Strengthened roll structure by Prince Racecar Engineering. 

The Kiefts were also originally fitted with a Lloyd Roach water to oil cooler located just forward of the engine. It was ineffective. This car was restored with a modern Laminova cooler, installed in the same original location, and paired with a custom double pass radiator to get the job done. 

The Kieft frame is finished in silver as found under the riveted pedal pads. The car has Koni shocks and is still fitted with its original brake bias linkage. 

Body Panels:

The original nose is fitted and original side panels come with the car. Tail, side panels and engine cover by Carriage & Motor works. All are alloy.

Paint color as identified on original panels.


The gauges were rebuilt during restoration including a Smiths  chronometric tach.

A fuel cell replicates the original fuel tank.

Spares include, among other things, a spare gearcase and fittings, original fuel tank, and a pair of original 15” rear cast alloy Kieft wheels. 

Prophet was perhaps the most successful Kieft FJ driver. A trophy tankard inscribed with his name, Kieft Ford and 2nd at Aintree August ‘61 come with the car. The tankard and copy of the original bill of sale have been provided by David Prophet’s daughter.

This Kieft is a great, highly competitive, rear engine drum brake car. It can win its category, and punch way above its weight in beating many of the disc brake cars. We know. We have raced against it.

It is also alloy bodied, just like the works team cars of other FJ manufacturers. Aluminum alloy was lighter than the fiberglass bodies of the time, but more expensive to make. That is why the works team cars got these special lightweight bodies as opposed to the production racing cars. This Kieft has one of those special lightweight alloy bodies.

The owner is retiring from motorsports. This is a great opportunity to get a highly competitive, rare, period state-of-the-art class-winning drum brake Formula Junior at a bargain price. Buy it now and be ready for the next worldwide celebration of Formula Juniors worldwide.

By the way, the Formula Junior Historics North America association is already working on a 2024 U.S. National Formula Junior celebration and feature race for all FJ classes. Now is the time to get this Kieft and become part of the next wave of Formula Junior celebrations worldwide. Great fun people, and great fun cars. Don’t miss it. 

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