1962 Morgan 4/4



The Morgan 4/4 has raced in various SVRA events. In 1996, it was purchased from Automotive Restorations, by David Kirby, and in 1999 it was totally rebuilt by Reg Beer Coach Builders in Bolton, Ontario, Canada . The rebuilt car was raced 3 times. The Morgan won the last race in which it was entered, the All Morgan Race in West Virginia


The chassis rebuild in 1996, included a new steel frame, front cross head, springs, and shocks. The “Super 8” rear axle was reconditioned, adding a custom built 4:55-1 Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear Set. All brake components were rebuilt. The steering box & column were replaced with a collapsible design with Gemmar box.

All hydraulic lines are Aeroquip stainless steel. The transmission is a competition Ford four speed, with straight cut Quaif gears (this ran with a 140 HP 1500cc Ford with twin Weber DCOE carburetors).

A new ash body frame was fitted with components imported from England. The body consists of hand formed aluminum panels, aluminum rear fenders, hood, and fire wall. All remaining body panels were restored & re-fitted.

The Morgan is fitted with an SCCA specification roll bar & fuel cell, custom wiring harness, Accusump system, all new instruments, and 50 spoke Dayton wire wheels. The car is painted Morgan blue, and is fitted with a custom blue tonneau cover. The car weighs approximately 1600 lbs. with a 1500 c.c. Ford, and is both lower and lighter than the 2 liter cars.

The Morgan ran in SVRA (Sports Vintage Racing Assn.) EP (production) with a 1498 cc Ford with dual Webbers, but one can also run a 1598 cc X flow with a single carburetor. In DP, the car can be equipped with a 1598 CC X (cross) flow with dual Webbers, with either combination being a potential class winner.

Fords are used in many vintage classes including formula cars, so blocks and parts are readily available, and when properly prepared, the Ford should generate a reliable 140 HP (x flows in DP have more HP). With the Ford having a smaller (lower profile) bottom end, this car sits lower to the ground, further enhancing handling/braking, and the lower engine profile makes for a lower hood (bonnet) configuration similar to the Morgan “Super Sport”. The transmission with the Quaif gears is allegedly good for 300 HP.

The car is in near concours condition. Over $70,000 has been invested in it. It is being sold less engine, for a small fraction of the restoration costs. These are simple and easy cars to maintain. They are great fun to drive, very quick, and proven race-winners in their vintage racing classes. This Morgan is a real value at this price.

Chassis Number: H19751
Engine Number: N/A