1963 Elva Mk.7



The Elva Mk.7 was introduced in 1962. The Mk.7 enjoyed success on both sides of the Atlantic, with a Porsche engine Mk.7 taking a debut win in the 1963 race at Road Atlanta. Herbert Muller drove a mk.7 to second place in the European Hillclimb Championship while Tony Lafranchi beat Lotus 23’s and Brabham BT8’s en route to the 1964 Autosport Championship. The Elva Mk.7 was regularly the quickest under 2 liter sports car in its day.

This car, chassis 027, is one of only 29 Mk.7 cars built from 1962-63. It was originally supplied to David Prophet Racing in British Racing Green with a Ford twin cam and Hewland Mk.4 gearbox – both of which it retains today. The car competed in 1963, including races at Goodwood. Prophet also raced the Elva across the UK throughout 1964, including the Levant Cup, where he finished 7th.

The immediate subsequent history is yet unknown. However, research to date shows 027 reappearing in the mid-1980’s in the U.S. at the hands of Shelton Washburn. Washburn went on to drive 027 to victory in the 1987 edition of the Monterey Historic Automobile Races.

Thereafter, the Elva then went through the hands of Dave Dunwoodie, Mark Leonard, Thomas Glatz, and Walter Davies before being purchased by Roger Wills. Will brought the Elva back to the UK.

Wills commenced restoration of 027 with WDK Motorsport. Upon completion, Martin Eyears purchased the car. The Elva was then raced by Joe Twyman, accruing many class victories, and an overall podium, at Barcelona in the FIA Historic Sports Car Championship race for pre-1966 cars in 2014. Twyman also won the Madgwick Trophy at the 2016 Goodwood Revival with the Elva.



Since its victory in the Madgewick Cup race at the 2016 Goodwood Revival, the Elva has been the subject of a full chassis up professional rebuild. It has been prepared to the highest standard including:

• Full chassis rebuild including a new roll bar to accommodate a taller driver
• Lotus twincam 1600cc engine – freshly rebuilt by Geoff Richardson – (3 races only)
• Rebuilt and period correct Mk4 Hewland 5 speed gearbox
• Two sets of genuine Elva magnesium wheels and tyres (one set one race only)
• High specification components throughout, all ‘in date’ and ready for 2019 season

Available for inspection near Silverstone.

More photos available upon request.

Chassis Number: 70/027